Monday, April 07, 2008

Fo Shizzle Ma . . . April Fool's Joke!

Ok, so who fell for it? Be honest. I know I did. I was all calling Will and telling him that Snoop was a Mormon. LMBO! I'm so gullible and Will just shot me down. I guess crazier things have happened.

We had a very nice weekend. I had Will's cousin's little girl on Friday and overnight. On Saturday her Grandma came and picked her up for the weekend. The Boy was so glad to have her here on Friday. They are so fun to watch together. We went to the park for about a half hour and they were just running a circuit from the slide, back around to the stairs, across the structure and back down the slide again. It was totally hilarious.

On Saturday we watched General Conference and I went to a furniture store to check out bunk beds. We're looking to move The Boy into a regular bed pretty soon and we think a bunk bed is a good choice because eventually he'll share a room with someone. Then we watched the afternoon session of conference and took some naps. That was nice. That evening after The Boy went to bed Will and I watched Arrested Development on Hulu. So if you haven't heard of Hulu or AR, then you need to get with it. My BIL told me about both of them and they both rock!

Sunday we watched both sessions of Conference and then in the early evening we went to Westminster to celebrate my birthday with Will's brothers and their families. My fab SIL made me my favorite dinner - haystacks - and they were SO yummy. Will and I brought giant cupcakes from Costco and everyone ate themselves sick. After dinner we played rock bank together and it was so much fun. I was better at guitar than at vocals - which surprised me. However, the rock songs are written in a man's range and I couldn't always get myself low enough to be in the right spot. LOL Oh well, I guess it's good because it means I don't have a man voice!

This morning I did my walking with one of my walking buddies (the other is out of town) and Will's cousin's little girl is back this morning for another day of fun. When the doorbell rang, The Boy was so excited! They are watching Diego right now. We don't watch that show, but Moma (her mom's blog nickname for her) does and since it has animals on it, The Boy is in heaven. I will try and take some pictures of them together so you can see how adorable they are together.


Mama said...

thanks so much for taking care of moma. you saved us!!

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