Thursday, April 03, 2008

Perry the Platypus, You Ate Your Own Hiney?

Ok, so that is our favorite quote around our house right now. It comes from the Disney series Phineus and Ferb and even The Boy says it to Will and me. It's so funny. I will have to try and capture it on video here before he gives it up.

So, where have I been? I know you're all wondering. You've been coming here daily with high hopes only to have them dashed. I apologize. I know we're a very interesting family with riveting lives and I curse my friends whenever I go to their blogs only to see the same post for over a week. But, I'm back BABY! You can rest easy and I hope to start blogging regularly again.

Where to begin - well, I guess it all started when we all took a trip to Utah for Will's work. The adventure began on March 22nd at 4:30am. I got up to shower before everyone got up, but alas, we had talked about seeing Grandpa and Grandma too much and The Boy woke up at the same time and wouldn't go back to bed. So that is how our adventure began. Around 5:30 we left for the Long Beach airport and Will let The Boy and me out on the curb while he went and parked the car in long term parking. I hauled all our luggage and carry-ons and The Boy into the airport to get in line. While I'm standing there waiting for our turn, I hear a teenage boy behind me ask him mom why the screen says the flight to Salt Lake says it isn't departing until 11:00. I'm like, WHAT? But when Will walks up and I have him look with me, it doesn't say that anymore. So we think it must have been a fluke.

When we get up to the window the agent checks us in - no problem. He doesn't make any mention that there are any problems with our flight. So we struggle through the security check with a 2-year-old and carry-ons and settle in to wait for our 7:15 flight. At this point, it's about 6:30am. Will decides to use the bathroom and the minute he steps into the restroom an announcement comes on saying that there is a problem with our flight and it won't be departing until aroun 11:00!!! WTH??? I start totally freaking out. Not only do I have survive over 4 hours with a toddler in a tiny airport, but Will is supposed to be in Provo at Noon to catch the buses his group are taking up to Park City.
I break the news to Will and he heads over to the other terminal to talk to the Jet Blue representative. Get this - they knew the night before that the flight would be delayed!!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me? So they can't make a phone call or send an email letting us know? Nope, I gotta haul my booty (and my 2-year-old's) out of bed at 4:30 in the blessed morning to sit in the airport for 4 hours. They said we could go home and come back - umm, didn't I just tell you how fun going through security is with a 2-year-old? It was totally ridiculous and we couldn't find a flight that left any earlier.
So, we toughed it out and The Boy made friends with all the people in the airport. He's really good at begging food. He'll go up to someone that has something he's interested in and say, "Hi guys!" It's pretty hilarious. Oh, did I mention that The Boy was sick? Yup. He got sick the day before we left, so it was just party in the airport terminal at Long Beach.
During our wait I was texting my SIL and asking her to help us out. Our original plan was to get the rental car, drop Will off at Cougar Stadium for his bus, and then hang out at my sister's house until I have to go to the Stadium and take the wives' buses to Park City. However, this is how it played out. I had my SIL go to WalMart and get Will the sunglasses he forgot. Then, when we got off the plane, Will ran over to the rental car building and I waited for the bags with The Boy. Then, we headed outside and found Aunt H (my SIL) waiting for The Boy and me. We loaded our stuff into her car, found Will and got the car seat, and Will raced up to Park City. Aunt H took me to my sister's house where I threw The Boy out to them so they could watch him for me while I went to the dinner. I pretty much tossed him out of the car and said, "He hasn't slept, he hasn't eaten and he's sick - have fun!" Oh, did I mention that at this point my sister is 9 months pregnant and ready to deliver at any moment?

The dinner was uneventful and enjoyable. Will made it for the extreme sports events and had a good time. I HATED the bus ride up - it made me car sick. So I was so glad we had the car to drive back down to Provo in. We picked up The Boy and then we call drove down to Price to spend Easter at my parents' house. Will stayed until Monday and then he had to go home to get back to work. I stayed in Utah until the end of the month and our trip home was pretty uneventful and boring - thank goodness.

The fun thing is that my sister had her baby the night before I went home! On Sunday I text messaged her and told her this was her last chance to have the baby before I had to go home. My BIL text messaged me back and said they were working on it. I thought it was joking. Then about 2 hours later I get a call from my sister asking if I had gotten her email with her Amazing Digiscrap Race layout. I said I hadn't checked and she says, "Well, it's there and now I'm going to the hospital." She scrapped it while she was in labor!
My mom and I went back and forth about going up to Provo that night or waiting until the next morning and then about 9:30 my mom is like - We're going! So my dad gets us a hotel room and we pack it up and are in the car by 10:20 and we're out of the canyon at 11:20. We had caught my youngest brother on his way home to Logan and told him the baby was here and he should stop on his way home. So, he was the first person to see the new little guy - Franklin Sawyer Brown born at 9:40pm 7 lbs 5 oz 18 1/2 in long. He is darling! I think we got to the hospital around midnight and they still let us in to visit. It was pretty awesome.
The Boy fell asleep about 2 minutes out of Price and he slept through the whole hullabaloo - out of the car seat, into the hospital, all of us oohing over Franky, being held by Uncle Mikey, being put on the couch, off of the couch, back into the car seat, driving to the hotel, out of the car seat, up to the hotel room, into the pack and play. He makes me proud!
So, that was our Utah adventure. While we were there I went to Hogle zoo with my sister and her family. It was the highlight of The Boy's trip. He LOVED the giraffes. He could have stayed there all day. I hope we get to go to San Diego Wild Animal Park this year sometime or I wouldn't mind if Will took us to this hotel.


Mandy said...

Thanks for the update - I've been wondering why your blog hasn't popped up on my google reader yet. :)

iowamom said...

yeah! you're back! It sounds like our bad luck with traveling rubbed off on you...sorry about that. And thank you for posting some pics of Franky! We have only gotten some over the phone, and they don't do him justice! Now it just makes it us more anxious for our little one to get here!! I am jealous that you got to be in Utah for so long, but we are still hoping you can make it out here to see us. We miss everyone!

Ashby said...

Talk about good timing!!! How fun that you got to see the new addition before you left!

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