Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Who Knew?

We went to Irvine Regional Park yesterday with some friends from the ward and it was so fun! I had hear about it, but never been there. We rode the train and went into the little zoo and The Boy had a fantastic time. They also have pony rides and horse rentals, so we'll have to go back and try them out.

I wanted to post today and tell you some of my favorite phrases that The Boy says right now before he stops saying them and I forget about them. So, here ya go:

- I can't, I'm just a baby!
- Howr you? (It's really How are you, but the how and are get put together as one word)
- Take-a your hair. (This means he wants me to take my hair down so he can play with it.)
- I need something. (He taps his chins as he tries to think of something he "needs".)
- Tutumber and Mr. Mato (Cucumber and Tomato from Veggie Tales.)
- No, mommy, I can't!
- I can't like it. (Can you tell he's two? A lot of can'ts)
- Sings the words "Handy Manny" at the top of lungs while works at his tool bench.
- This isn't a phrase, but I love when he's sad or pretending he is and he hangs his head. It's totally hilarious and dramatic.


iowamom said...

It must be the two year old phase, because Hannah's list runs pretty similar! Can't, Won't, I don't want to...

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