Friday, March 14, 2008

What a Week, What a Week!

Photo Op with Flick and Ata
So it has been one wild, fast moving week at our house. On Monday we made a trip up to our old stomping grounds to visit a friend and my SIL and her little munchkin. My sister in law and I went to Fabric Barn together and I found some fun fabric and cheap ribbon for some baby gifts I'm working on. The Boy loved being with his cousin and my friend's two little kids. I am so proud of his memory and that we can not see some of our friends and family for a few months and he still remembers little things about their homes and all their names. It's fabulous! That evening we did a video call with my in-laws, who are on their mission in New Orleans. It was so fun to see them and The Boy kept kissing the screen. The funniest thing was when my father in law disappeared off of the screen for a minute and The Boy says, "Is Grandpa in there?"
Waiting for Playhouse Disney to start.

On Tuesday I went to storytime at the Irvine Heritage Library and it was so-so. After having been to storytime at the Provo Public Library, nothing can compare. The storyteller was mediocre and she didn't do any fun fingerplays or songs that went with the stories. Oh well! The Boy sat and listened, so that's an upside. In April we start attending the storytime at the new Katie Wheeler Branch, so I'm hoping that one will be exciting. Then, we went over to my friend's house for some hanging out time and walk to the park. That night I watched two of the most darling kids I've ever met. The Boy was truly enamored with the little girl. He kept sayin, "Who is that?" and trying to sit as close to her as he could. Darling! She wasn't too sure about him being so close, so I kept having to have him move away to give her a little room. They were all big fans of Little Einsteins, so as we got past bedtime for all of them, we settled in for a couple epdisodes. Will tried to watch Phineus and Ferb, but they didn't share the same love for the show that The Boy and Will did. I had to bring this to Will's attention and he said, "How do you know?" I said, "They are running around and not even looking at it." Sure enough, as soon as we put Little Einsteins on, they were back on the couch just chillin'.

On Wednesday we had unofficial play group at our house in the morning. I had 3 other kids from 2 different families over while their mommies went to doctor and dentist appointments. Again, The Boy was in heaven having kids over to play. They were all girls, but he didn't mind. After his nap, I didn't feel well. So, when he got up from his nap, I put him in bed with me and said, "I don't feel good, I'm going to lay here for a little bit." He stayed with me for about 5 minutes and then jumped down and ran off to play. He kept coming back to check on me. I dozed off a few times and he would come up really quiet and then shout, "Mommy! Wake up!" When I finally got up, my headache had kind of subsided, but I still felt icky, so I layed down on the couch. He laid down on the floor, sighed, and said, "Mommy, I don't feel good." So dramatic! He even told Will the same thing when he got home from work.

Yesterday we went to California Adventure and spent the day. We did make a brief visit over to Disneyland to see the Tiki Room and to ride Buzz Lightyear. However, the big reason we went was to see the new Playhouse Disney show and to watch the new Pixar Parade. They were both awesome! They've added Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Little Einsteins, and Handy Manny to the show and updated the Tigger and Pooh part to include Darby. It was all his favorites live on stage - so fun! We had to stand in line for about 40 minutes, but he did really well. We ate lunch and he played with the little girl standing behind us. While we were standing there he ate a cracker off of the ground. I told him to stop and he seemed fine with it. Then, the mom next to me took out fish crackers and when one would fall on the ground, he would pounce on it like a vulture! LOL She took pity on him and asked me if I had a baggy for her to put some in. I was so embarrassed! We had a bag full of fish crackers in our lunch bag, but he didn't need to eat them - he just ate an entire PBJ sandwich, two pieces of cheese, and some fruit. He was far from starving. However, I didn't know what to say because I was so embarrassed, so I handed her our empty sandwich baggy and let her dump some crackers in. I'm lame, I know.

The parade didn't start until 5:15, so I needed him to take a nap at the park. I found spot I thought was the quietest and tried to rock him, but the sun was in his eyes and my arm got tired. So, I put him the stroller and covered him and he laid there for about 20 minutes, not making a peep, but also not sleeping. Just then, a lady moved from a coveted spot that had shade and a place to rest my arm, so we moved over there, I rocked him and passed out in 2 minutes. I laid him down and he slept for a little over an hour. I read my book and it was nice and peaceful. When he woke up, he sat up straight and said, "I woke up!" Hilarious. The parade was also fabulous and I liked the water aspect of it. The Boy adored it because it was all of his favorites marching down the street - big as life.
Today we have my nephew over to play and we went to park day. The boys both just woke up from good naps and are playing nicely. This weekend we don't have much planned. I have to speak on Sunday, so I need to finalize my talk, but that's about it. I think I'll have Will teach our class again so that I can focus on my talk. LOL
These guys were so cool!

This one fell down! So I took a picture. LOL


Mandy said...

Well it's about darn time Ca Adv. updates their stuff. The Pixar parade looks cute. Thanks for the pictures, b/c I'll NEVER buy tix to that park. ;)

Ann-Marie said...

Oh man! Those pics are great - sure looks like a whole lot of fun .. wish I was there too!!!!

iowamom said...

We can't wait to take Hannah to Playhouse Disney. It's the first ride we're hitting up in Disney World! I'm glad the boy loved it. Keep the pics coming.

jamie said...

I love how often you guys are at DL/CA jealous! And he fell ASLEEP there??? You really must be regulars b/c Mia would NEVER sleep with so much to see and do! And I totally understand being embarressed about eating others' snacks...Mia is such a mooch...especially at church. She'll walk up the pews eating snacks and then she's on to the next one. and it doesn't matter if their tummies are completely stuffed...someone else's food is always better than yours (even if it's the SAME!!! Haha!) Love catching up on your blog!

The Ordeel said...

You guys are so lucky to have all that fun stuff so close by. My kids would just FLIP OUT if we could ever see all those characters like that! The Boy has such an exciting life there in CA.

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