Saturday, March 08, 2008

Good Evening

How are you this fine Saturday evening? We had an excellent weekend. Last night went for a walk after dinner to the new park. It is almost done. They laid the sod and the yellow caution tape has been pulled down from around the play structure. I'm so excited for this park to open because the play structure is made for kids 2-5. The other park is for kids 5+ and it is so much higher off the ground and it makes me nervous to have him playing up there. This structure has more space and is low to the ground. It will be the perfect place to play. He loved walking to park with us and having his daddy there to play on the swings and to help him down the slides.

Today Will worked during the morning and The Boy and I went to Costco. He is so hilarious to take to Costco because he loves to go into the vegetable fridge and the milk fridge. He gets all worked up and shouts, "Let's go into the coldy!"

After his nap we went Lowe's and checked out some attachments for Will's new air compressor (a birthday gift from us, my parents and his parents), window coverings (I still need curtains for the sliding glass door), paint for the garage floor, and checked out some lamps (wowie are they expensive!). All we ended up with was a $2 attachment for the air compressor hose. The Boy didn't have to sit in a shopping cart, so he loved being able to run around. We ran into a friend from the ward and chatted with him for a little bit. His wife was at Costco, so we didn't get to talk with her.

Then we went to Sears Essentials (just a Kmart with a different name) to get some Little Caesar's Hot and Ready Pizza. However, they don't understand what Hot and Ready means, so we had to wait 20 minutes! LOL So we perused the store. I almost picked up some curtains, but they weren't very good quality and we aren't exactly sure what color we want. So, I need to keep looking until I find what I want. The Boy had a meltdown over a doggy that I wouldn't let him take home, so we went outside so he could scream while Will waited for the pizza.

After dinner we decided to go over and hang out in the hot tub. The Boy loved it! At the end we were joined about some 14 year old girls and The Boy was really hilarious. He was like, "Hi! Come swimming!" They thought he was cute. Then, we made cupcakes to take to church tomorrow for a little girl in our class - it's her birthday! The Boy loves to bake and it is the highlight of his day if he gets to sit on the counter while I am mixing things in my Kitchenaid.


Laura said...

My kids love costco too. Lilly says "can we look for free samples, I love free samples"

Crystal said...

The Boy is a ladies man! You need to watch out for him!

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