Sunday, March 16, 2008

I Almost Forgot!

I almost forgot to post these! I haven't been much of a blogger or scrapper this month because I got so burnt out last month trying to do all the Sweet Shoppe Challenges. They are super fun, but I think I scrapped more layouts last month than I have in the entire 14 months I've been digiscrapping. These are pictures of our Association Spring party. We had a lot of fun and The Boy totally enjoyed himself.

Running for the eggs.
Adding them to the Peep Bunny Basket.

Yesterday The Boy and I ventured to the swap meet to find some lamps and a cell phone faceplate for my enV. Well, no one sells lamps at the OC Marketplace - can you believe that? I walked every row and there wasn't a lamp to be found. It was also a hit and miss on the cell phone case. I am prone to dropping my phone, so I want a faceplate to put on it to protect its natural beauty. They were too expensive! Please, it is two pieces of plastic that just snap on the phone. I was figuring around $5. Nope. Not any of the cute ones. They wanted almost $15 for them. Bleh! So I am still on the hunt and any suggestions would be very welcomed. I was actually pretty disappointed with the swap meet. It used to be that is where you could go to find good, cheap stuff. That the booths would try to outbid one another to get your business. Not anymore. They all keep their stuff around the same price so it doesn't really matter where you buy from. I think I'll try to the Orang Coast College swamp meet next week and see if it's any better.
Checking out his spoils.

That afternoon Will took The Boy and me to Yen Ching for a yummy pre-Happy Birthday to me lunch. We were pushing it on being so close to naptime, but I think The Boy did pretty well. The staff at Yen Ching are so kind and generous. First of all Orange Chicken isn't on the weekend lunch menu and Will was bummed. So I just asked the waitress if they served it at lunch and she said, "Yes, I will do it for you." So nice! Then, as she is bringing us our Egg Drop soup, The Boy says, "I need mine." Well, Will and I both knew that he wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole once he got a good look at it. However, the sweet little waitress brought him a cup anyway. I felt terrible when he wouldn't even try it as she stood there and watched him. And finally for dessert they bring you a nummy glazed apple and almond cookie. We only ordered two meals and The Boy ate some cheese we brought with us and picked at our fried won tons, but they brought him one too. He really loved those.

Making his own cupcake.

I gave my talk today and it went really well. I spoke with another new member of the ward and we were both joking about the woes of talking before the meeting started. When I pulled out my 13 page talk he said, "That's a lot of papers." And I said, "Yeah, I'll probably go over my 15 minutes." He said that was a good thing. Then, after I spoke for 20 minutes and left him 10 minutes he said, "You're right, you can talk!" Rude! LOL It's so true. I can talk.

Digging In.

I'm so excited that we are going to Utah on Saturday! We're getting The Boy all pumped up to see all the family and with any luck, maybe my sister will have her baby while we're there. Last time she went 3 weeks early, but watch, this time she'll go 3 weeks late.


Crystal said...

I really didn't appreciate your "three weeks late" comment.

Mandy said...

LOL! Sisters...

Hey, I love that peep basket. So cute! As for SSD, I'm just trying to get 30% off. I'm tired of scrapping LOs just to toss them and not print. Which is why I'm already sick of ADSR!

jennmom2000 said...

Try ebay for faceplates.

The Harry Herald said...

Have fun in Utah! I'm jealous.

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