Friday, February 01, 2008

It's A Miracle

So, after having been in our new ward for four months we made it to both park days this week. They were both so much fun and The Boy had a blast both days. It was great for me too, because I finally got to put faces to the names I see in the messages of the Yahoo group. On Wednesday we went to a park that is in the development across the street from us. I've seen if from a distance when we've been out on walks/runs/bike rides, but I've never taken The Boy there. He was thrilled to see other kids and to eat cookies:) Today we went to a park in another neighborhood and it was super cool! It's called The Bike Park and it has this cool little bike path through it where the kids can ride their bikes. All the parks in the neighborhood are keyed, so you can't just walk in (or out for that matter as I found out when I tried to leave) so it also feels safe too. The path is so cool because it goes through 2 tunnels, has some bumpy parts and winds around. He was so good and it was good to get him out and playing with other kids again.

This weekend is jam packed! We really want to go to President Hinckley's funeral broadcast. We are returning the car to my in-laws' house, the guys need haircuts, we teach our primary class for the first time, it's the Super Bowl, and (shamefully) I still have Christmas decorations to take down. Now, before you judge me, hear my side of the story. We got back from Utah after Christmas and it took me a week to unpack us. Then, I got deathly ill with my freaky mouth disease for 10 days and then I left for Utah again. So, this weekend is the time for it all to come down.


Davis Family said...

good for you - i have yet to make it to a park day for my ward!

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