Sunday, February 03, 2008

Image Survey

Ooh, I found this cool thing on the blog of one of Will's cool co-workers. Here is what you do:

FIRST - read the question
SECOND - type in the first answer that comes to mind in Google Image search
THIRD - post the first picture that comes up and write what you typed in (it’s hard sometimes to use the first image, but you must)

So fun…anyone who reads my blog is tagged!

1. Age I will be on my next birthday - 29
2. Favorite Food - mexican food

At first I typed in "mexican" and it was so not appropriate for a family blog. LOL Check it out for yourself. It may be more appropriate for eye candy on Daphne's blog. Wahahaha! Girl, I'm just kidding;)

3. Favorite Color - purple

4. A place I would like to visit - Greece

5. Where I live - Orange County

6. Name of a past or present pet - Shortstuff

7. One of my favorite places - Iowa

8. Favorite holiday - Christmas

9. A bad habit - playing with my earrings What does this have to do with earrings? I guess it is jewelry.

10. Favorite animal - dolphins
Betcha didn't know I dreamt of being an animal trainer at Sea World.

11. Favorite cartoon from childhood - Smurfs
12. My name (or nickname) - Kolikovision I was surprised anything came up for this!

13. Sport I play (or my favorite) - I don't like sports
14. Favortie extravagance (what I do or get when I have a little extra time and money) - pedicure 15. A phrase I over use - What did I just say?

LOL! This is the look The Boy gives me when I say that!


Mandy said...

Way fun game! I'm going to steal it. :) Hey, what kit did you use? It's way cute.

Vivian said...

This sounds like so much fun. I'll have to do this as soon as I get a chance. Oh, by the way, I also love the housewives, mostly because of how crazy they are.

The Harry Herald said...

So, this comment has nothing to do with anything. It's more like a sales plug. My friend just opened a digiscrap store and I know you're into that. I don't know if it's good because I'm not really into all that, but if you feel like checking it

Ashby said...

Fun survey! I may have to do this one.....

PS - I don't think I have your right address because I cannot get our Christmas card delivered to you. I may have to send it via email. sigh.

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