Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I'm Moving to Utah!

Well, not really, but that's what I keep threatening Will each morning when The Boy wakes up between 6:00 and 6:30. There were a few days when he was waking around 4:00am. Luckily I could give him his pluggy and tell him it was still bedtime and he would go back to sleep for a couple of hours. No joke, the minute we were back in California he started waking up at the crack of dawn. In Utah he was going until 8:30 or 9:00 - or 7:30/8:00 California time. I loved it! Now we're back to starting our day super early. I guess it gets us going so we can get things done, but geez, it would be nice to not see the sun rise on a Saturday:)

I'm doing the Hinckley Challenge are you? Hurry, it started yesterday, so it's not too late. You get to read the Book of Mormon in 97 days to honor President Hinckley and the amazing things he accomplished while on this earth. I just read the Book of Mormon in 30 days, so 97 should be a piece of cake. Come and join in the fun and blessings that are sure to follow by finishing this challenge. Another website I've found really helpful in keeping on track is ReadTheScriptures. It will let you pick a standard work, choose how many days you want to read it in, and will send you a reminder email each day with your verses for the day. Cool beans!

I'm going to Disneyland tomorrow for the first time since before the holidays. The Boy keeps asking about Small World, but I found out today that it's closed until the Fall! What is that about? Will said they are redoing all the waterways because people have gotten to fat and the boats keep getting stuck. That is really sad. Well, hopefully the line for Nemo won't be too outrageous.My sister and I are "running" The Amazing DigiScrap Race. Fun, huh? This is the blinkie I made to represent our team. We participate in a series of challenges and as long as we complete them all we'll be entered in a drawing for prizes. It should be fun times!


Mama said...

hey, not sure what type of curtains you have in his room, but try darker ones. moma sleeps so well in utah in the basement since it's so dark there.

Crystal said...

That's rude that you would say on your blog that you're moving here and then not actually do it. ALSO, there is a Layers warehouse sale in Murray on Saturday at 8a...I can't convince Steve to come with me, so you should :)

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