Thursday, February 07, 2008

Ahhh! I'm Freakin' Out!

Stephenie Meyer's newest book in the Twilight Series - Breaking Dawn - will be released August 2!!!! Can I even handle it??? I'm so excited that it will be coming out this summer. Suh-weet! Will this be the final book? Will Bella and Edward get married? Too many questions and I don't know if I can contain myself until August! LOL If you have no idea what I am talking about, then you need to get with the program and read the entire series. It's the absolute best and then you can be an Edward lover like the rest of us NORMAL girls in the world. Hee, hee. Go HERE to find out more.
Today we went to Disneyland and had an absolute fabulous time. Well, we spent most of our time at California Adventure. We started the day at Playhouse Disney and The Boy danced his heart out to all of the songs. Next we headed over to the It's Tough to Be a Bug show. The Boy started freaking out - in a bad way - before we even got within 10 feet of where we were supposed to park our strollers. Turns out there is a human size Hopper outside the entrance and it turns out that The Boy remembers that Hopper is the bad, scary guy. So we had to run into the show. He didn't really love the show like I thought he would - especially when the animatronics Hopper shows up at the end. Poor kid. After that we walked around the Bug's Land "visiting" all the bugs. He was very distressed because we couldn't find the Walking Stick. So we continued deeper into Bug Land and took a ride on the Caterpillar and did the Bumper Bugs. He had a lot of fun on the bumper cars - it was his first ride. At the Caterpillar ride I asked the attendant if there was human size walking stick and he said he thought there was, but that is was "hiding" in the plants. Well, sure enough he was camoflauged by the bamboo. We had walked right by him and not even noticed.
It was a good day for pictures with characters. We saw Flick, Goofy, and Pluto. Everyone was amazed how he just ran up to the characters with no fear, like they were his best friends. I think it's because he's been around them since he was 3 months old. He's a Disneyland baby. LOL I only had my new phone with me, but I think the pictures turned out pretty well.
So, take my advice and read Stephenie's books if you haven't already:)


Jaime said...

Those are phone pictures! No Way, they're awesome!!! Yeah, my boy's totally freaked out by the bug show too. To tell you the truth it's not my favorite, kind of creepy those things running against me in my seat!

Mandy said...

Girl please! Don't be hatin'... :)

Crystal said...

There are people who haven't read Stephanie Myers books?!?!?!? How do they know what unrealistic expectations to hold their husbands up to? My word verification is skqhk..I think your blog just called me a skank.

Lynne said...

I know, doesn't that phone take amazing pictures? I'm impressed every time I take one with mine.

Your boy looks about the same age as my little cousin; my aunt takes him to Disneyland during the week all the time, too. I know she'd love to have someone to go with, if you ever want a friend (she's 31 or so, so she's more like my cousin than my aunt). My little cousin loves playing with other little kids.

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