Friday, February 08, 2008

From Our Blog to Yours x2

So, I'm a little bit behind on my SSD Blog challenges, so I'm catching up in this post. I took a Valentine's Day Quiz and FAILED! I only got 3/10. Pathetic. You can try it HERE if you so desire. Then, I'm supposed to blog about what I do all day or tell a little bit about myself. Well, most of you know that I am SAHM to The Boy. I have been for almost 2 years now and I love it. So, I spend my day entertaining a spunky little guy and try to squeeze in some housekeeping, digiscrapping, and reading. Before I was a SAHM, I taught 2nd grade (well, I did a one year stint in 4th grade) and while I was teaching I loved it. However, once The Boy was born, I no longer loved it as much.

Today we went to park day and had such a fun time. It was funny when we walked up to the group, because I felt like a preschooler with no peer group entry skills. LOL We got there about half way through the activity, so everyone was talking and I wasn't quite sure what to do with myself. Do I walk up and say hello? Do I stand on the outskirts and listen in and then work myself into a conversation? Do I just wait until someone notices and approaches me? Again, pathetic.

Will told me once that when he was at a ward council when we were in a BYU married ward that I was discussed as being stuck up. LOL Did they know that my husband was sitting in at the ward council? Hee, hee. It wasn't really that bad. They brought up people of concern and I was one of them because I seemed aloof and unapproachable. I find that hilarious. If I'm quiet it's because I'm shy. However, I'm not a shy person that hides in the back of the room hoping not to be noticed. Since I'm 5'10" it's hard for me to "blend" in anywhere, so I learned to just hold my head up high and fake it. A friend I taught with my first year said she was so amazed by me because I came in half way through the year, took over the class, and made it look like cake. I confessed to her at that time that I'm super good at faking it. I can be a total mess inside, but I can put up a fabulous front. I told her that I bawled my eyes out everyday on the way home during my 20 minute commute and developed IBS. Hee, hee. Not cake at all. I got the same thing from one of my SILs. When her son was first born she told me how I made everything look easy when I had The Boy. Ha, ha! Nope. She just wasn't in my apartment when I was freaking out because The Boy and I couldn't get the hang of nursing. Or when I handed him to Will one night and said, here, you take him, I have to sleep. And I disappeared only to awake 3 hours later to Will freaking out because he thought we needed to take The Boy to the hospital because he wouldn't stop crying. The poor thing was just starving. So, I'm not stuck up, I'm just terribly shy and not sure how to break into a group. And I'm really good at putting up an "I'm perfectly fine over here" facade. LOL

So, back to park day. Thank goodness for the nice lady (you know who you are) that I had run into at Disneyland the day before who came over and struck up a conversation about how the rest of our day went. That totally put me at ease and I was able to speak again. For the record, all the ladies in my new ward are super awesome. They have been so fabulous at helping me to break out of my shell and I am very appreciative to all of them. It's the story of my life - I don't know where I'd be without the fabulous women that have been in my life. When I went to BYU it was my FREAKIN' awesome roommates that helped me enjoy life and stop being scared. When we moved to California Megaricci helped me to stop crying about missing my family and took me under her wing. Plus all the fabulous ladies and family members in Will's home ward. Now, when I'm missing my homegirls from WM, the ladies here have been awesome to me. I might not have made it this far if it wasn't for all these ladies. Just like the song says - The errand of angels has been given to women. So true. Thanks, ladies.

I'm hoping to go to the zoo tomorrow and let The Boy ride the elephants. I think he will totally love it. I also have a lot of reading to get done. Have a super weekend!


Mandy said...

I guess they had nothing else to discuss at boring ol' Wyview. LOL! Those were the days.

Lynne said...

I know I just commented on your last post, but reading this post was like reading my life story (except I'm not married and don't have a darling little boy). I am totally shy when I'm new in a ward and I don't know anybody. Your thing about "do I go up to someone, do I wait for someone to come up to me" is totally me. And I've been told that I can come off as stuck-up to other people, too, but I can't help being shy!

Sorry for the long comment!

Amy said...

The more time I spend with people the more I realize that a lot of us are faking it. I have had a similar label on me as unapproachable and snobby since high school. The funny thing is that I can express myself really well on the blog and in writing, but in person I literally draw a blank when it comes to starting conversation. That's probably why we haven't had much interaction yet. I'll try harder :)

The Titmi said...

You just have to show up! We love you already!

Laura said...

Fun fram. I'm always up for a great farm trip!

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