Monday, February 11, 2008

A Day on the Farm

This weekend was a lot of fun. On Saturday I debated about taking The Boy to the Santa Ana Zoo for an elephant ride. However, Will had some things to get done, so he wasn't going to go with us, so I decided against trying to elephant ride on my own. The problem was that The Boy had it in his head that he WAS going to see some animals that day. So I did some Googling and when I found out that the farm next to the OC Fairgrounds is free, well our decision was made. So Will stayed home to work on his stuff and The Boy and I headed over to the farm.It was a beautiful day and The Boy loved seeing all the animees. We were sad we didn't see any horses, but he did get to pet some goats, sheep, and he stood right next to a giant ox, on the wrong side of the fence. I didn't get a picture of that one because I had to make sure that he didn't spook the 1400 lb ox:) He had such a fabulous time and his excitement was worth the stinky smell. After that we headed to Sears to pick up a birthday present for Will. I've wanted to get him an air compressor for the last couple of months because he wanted one and it was something I felt confident in purchasing. So, I watched sales and a vertical compressor was on sale and it was perfect. Um, well, I should have taken Will's truck, because there was no way it was fitting in my Neon's trunk. The sales associate was like, Um, this isn't going to fit in there. So I quickly took The Boy's carseat out and we put it in my backseat. The Boy got moved to the front and I madly flipped through my owner's manual to see if there was anyway to turn off the airbag. There wasn't. It said if they weighed more than 20lbs and were over a year old they could sit in the front if the car was too full and it was a necessity. So, we drove home very carefully.

I had quite the time pulling the giant thing out of my car by myself, but I figured if the 5'3" sales associate could do it, then I could do it too. After we got it out of the car we called Will out and yelled, Happy Birthday! The Boy was so excited! He kept yelling - It's your present! It's your birthday! - His excitement was contagious and Will was excited for his new gadget. That evening we went to Costco and did our trip to the cold room - otherwise known as the room where the milk is kept.

Sunday church was great and our little primary class was adorable. The Boy was so excited for nursery and ran right in. His teacher brought him to me the last 10 minutes of class because he needed a diaper change. He also bumped his head, so he was a little sad. That afternoon I went to my VT interview and cooked up a storm. We took a meal to a family in the ward that just had a baby and Will happens to work with him too. Their little girl is so darling and so tiny. They had 2 dachshunds and The Boy was totally obsessed with them. He got to pet them for few minutes and that made his whole day. That evening we went over for dessert at another family in the ward's house and it was so fun. They have 3 little girls that are so adorable and so entertaining. They also have a little baby boy that is so chill and happy - it reminds me of how The Boy used to be. LOL

This morning I went walking at 5:45 in the blessed morning. There are 3 ladies in the ward that walk and they invited me to come. It was SO early, but I'm glad I joined them because I got my exercise in for the day and it's good to walk with someone again. They go MWF, so no more sleeping in on those days.


iowamom said...

I can't even begin to tell you how jealous Russ and I were when we saw those pics of The Boy in shorts. We are currently suffering through one of the top ten worst iowa winters in recorded history...

Davis Family said...

the farm looks like lots of fun. i'm going to have to check that out with my boys.

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