Saturday, February 16, 2008

Happy Weekend!

How was your Valentine's Day? Ours was great. The Boy and I made paper Valentines for Will and then we baked sugar cookies in the afternoon. Will was in Riverside, so he had quite the drive to get home and so it was a later celebration, but a fun celebration nonetheless. The Boy got a Valentine package from my parents and he was so excited to open it. It had Valentine Peeps and some M&Ms. He calls the Peeps shmallows and the M&Ms "nummy-Ms" and it is thoroughly entertaining to watch him get excited about things.

That evening I put the paper Valentines coming up the stairs and at the landing I put the giant sugar cookie heart we made. I did it while The Boy was in his room because I didn't want him to see me and then be obsessed with getting at the cookie. However, he thought he heard his dad come home and he ran to the top of the stairs and saw it. So, I spent the next 20 minutes telling him it was a surprise for daddy and he didn't need to go down and look at it. As soon as Will got home The Boy was jumping up and down screaming surprise, Happy Birthday, cookie, and anything else that seemed to fit the occasion! Will brought me flowers and The Boy a churro. He liked that. Well, SSD asked us to share our favorite movie picks, so here I go! Our new favorite thing is the Red Box. They have it at the Albertson's I shop at and so we pick up a movie about once a week. I think my favorites that I've seen in the last couple of months are: The Invisible, Game Plan, and Stardust. I thought Game Plan was really cute. The Invisible was interesting and I didn't love the ending. Stardust was a pretty cool little flick. I think I'd like to see No Reservations and Martian Child. Today I FINALLY put all the Christmas decorations away. So, now people are allowed to come over to my house again. Hee, hee. My next project to is to decorate and hang our pictures and paintings to liven the place up a bit. I also need to get some sewing projects done for all the babies that are being born within the next few months. I got some scrapping done yesterday and today because I finally turned in my last set of book club curriculum and I needed a release. So, some of them are news ones and some are old ones that I can't remember if I've shared or not. Enjoy!


Laura said...

Beautful LO, and I agree with you Stardust was a great moive!!!

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