Friday, January 25, 2008

We're Baaack!

Well, at my mom's house that is. I guess it is my dad's house too:) We had so much fun touring the Wasatch front on Wednesday. I got up on time, but of course it took me twice as long as I thought it would to get ready that morning, plus I ran into a couple of snags. One of which is the button to my pants came off in the wash and I didn't realize it until I was putting them on, so I had to stop and sew it back on. Then, The Boy just sleeps in Utah! I love it. In California he is up and going by 6:30. If we are lucky he'll sleep until 7:00, but never later than 7:15 - never. Even if he stays up later, he's still up at the crack of dawn. In Utah he sleeps until 9:00!! That's 8:00 in California. I would love if this trend continued when we get home, but I know he'll be back to his old ways. Bleh. Maybe we just need to move to Utah! LOL He slept until 9:00 and I just hate to wake him up, especially since he lost so much sleep while he was sick. So that put me behind a little because I had planned to leave at 9:00 and didn't get out of here until around 9:45.

So we were supposed to meet my friend Mandy at the Provo Library at 11:00 for storytime and we came rushing in at 11:20 - Phew! It was still going and I think The Boy enjoyed it. It was really pretty spectacular. The Orange County Public Library system needs to come and take lessons from Provo. Then we headed over to the Orem Mall to let the kids play in the tree house. But it was gone! They are going to build a new one in the spring or summer or something ludicrous like that. Like Mandy said, winter is when you need in door playgrounds. Fix them during the spring/summer when people can play outside. Geez. You know what??!!! I just realized that my SIL told me the tree was gone, but it totally slipped my mind until just now. We could have saved the drive over. Oh, well. So we went to Carl's Jr. near BYU campus and the kids ran around and we had lunch. It was fun to visit and hang out. I feel like I "see" Mandy more than I really do because we are digiscrappers and stay connected on Hello. If you don't have Hello, you need it! You can send pictures and files instantly and I love it. Plus, it's a chat program. It's super awesome. So join and then tell me so we can be Hello Friends!

After we left Mandy we drove north to go and visit Will's grandma for her birthday. We were meeting Aunt H there too. On the way I called my friends Melissamerica because I so wanted to see her this time and she was free! Yippee! So we decided to meet at Gardner Village that evening. Suh-weet! As I'm getting closer to Lehi I think to myself - hey! I have to stop and see my old school and my teaching friends! So I took a quick pit stop and hopped in to say hello and see my cutie pregnant friend. She is due in about 6 weeks and she is adorable. Super tiny - no matter what she says. While we were back on the road I was talking to my mom and about Draper I look over because this car is going the exact same speed as I am! I hate that. LOL It was Aunt H!! She was trying to get The Boy's attention, but he had totally just passed out! Of course, five minutes from Grandma's house he falls asleep. He slept pretty much the entire time and I just chatted with Grandma and Aunt H and ate birthday cake. Yummy! He woke up about when we were supposed to leave, so we just stayed a little bit longer and gave Melissamerica a call to let her know we'd be late. She was running late too - I can always plan on her to be on the same wavelength as me:)

The Boy was so hilarious while we were at Grandma's house. He got some cake and he used one of his favorite phrases - I luva my_____. So it was, "I luva my cake!" and "I luva my water!" It was darling. Then, Aunt H mentioned something about him touring the whole world today and he said, "Small World! Go to Small World! It's a small, small world!" Then that got him onto the Tiki Room and he was insistant that we go to the Tiki Room right then. He was also trying to tell me bout Jose the lead bird, but I couldn't understand what he was saying. Finally, he said, "Wake up, Jose." And I figured out that he was saying Jose. However, he was so frustrated with me that he was starting to melt down. So I quickly said, "Oh, my siestas are getting chorter and chorter" and he perked right back up. Toddlers.

I thoroughly enjoyed my dinner with Melissa. It was so awesome to see her in person for the first time in forever. I know it has been at least 5 years since I've seen her, but it could have been longer. We couldn't remember when it was. It's because we are getting old. We're both almost 30 - this is our 29th year, so only one more year left. Bleh! Double Bleh! Then only 10 years until 40. sick. sick. sick. Oh well, we'll enjoy our youth while we have it. We just caught up and jabbered and jabbered and The Boy ate his grilled cheese sammich and played with the conversation hearts Grandma gave him. I will definitely have to see Melissa again soon. Five years is just too long to go without seeing that woman!

On the way home I stopped to see my SIL and her family. It seems like I never have to time to do it and since I was all by myself I decided to stop. It was perfect and The Boy had so much playing with his cousin that is 9 months older than he is. They were both super good and I got to chat with my SIL and see my nieces and nephews.

We got to Aunt Kikal's house about 9:30 and she was all alone. My BIL was working on computers for his friend's business and at that point he was in Mesquite and still had to stop in Richfield to pick up their daughter. SICK! The Boy had a blast just playing with toys and running around. He went to bed super late, but slept really well and all night long. The next morning I watched my niece for a little bit and they were hilarious together. I love toddlers. Well, says that toddlers are only 12-24 months old and that 2-4 year olds are preschoolers. I don't look at The Boy or Baby D as preschoolers. They'll be toddlers to me until they are three.

On Thursday we went up to Logan to visit my brother. My mom came up and picked me up and we took off. It was so fun and The Boy was excited to see him. It was kind of sad the weekend we went to my grandparents' house because The Boy was just barely getting better and he wouldn't let anyone take care of him but me. This past summer and at Christmas The Boy couldn't get enough of Uncle M and when we saw him at my grandparents he just wasn't his normal lovey self. But last night it was all about Uncle M. He was the only one that could get him out of the car or walk by him. He was just super excited to see him.

We started driving home, but we were really worried about the condition of Price Canyon. So we decided to stay in Provo with my sister. It was a good choice. This morning we took off around 10:30 and now we're back and safe at my mom's.

Before I forget. The Boy is saying the most hilarious things right now. Just a few of them are:

*"I luva my . . . ."

*"I cannot believe it!"

*"I'm gonna rock and roll all night and party everyday!" (influenced by watching everyone play Guitar Hero)

*I'm obsessed with the soundtrack from "Wicked" and I play it constantly in the car and sing along at the top of my lungs. Well, the boy has picked it up because I was singing the first line of "Popular" and when I came to the part where the lyric is "popular", The Boy popped in with, "Popular. Teach you fix your hair." One of the lines is, "I'll teach you what clothes to wear, how to fix your hair. . ." Hee, hee! Broadway, here he comes!

I will have pictures soon!


Mama said...

sounds like you're having fun. i miss you and need to see you soon. it's been raining here everyday for like a week or something so we couldn't do a d-land trip anyways. hopefully when you get back, the weather will be nice and we can meet up. moma was asking for the boy today. it was really cute. i asked her if she missed her cousins, meaning the ones we just saw in virginia and she said, "yeah, "the boy""

Melissa said...

Yes, I made the blog. I'm so pleased to be featured--but even more pleased to have seen you and JT. Lovely.

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