Friday, January 11, 2008

Not Again!

Ok, this is the last digi post for at least a week - I promise! LOL

My digiscrapping goals for this year are:

(1) Print more layouts.

(2) Add the dates to my layouts.

(3) Get The Boy's second year all scrapped up!

Well, I've been totally sick. It all started last Wednesday with a canker sore on the inside of my left cheek. Then, on Thursday I woke up and my gums were kind of inflamed and sore. By Friday I was totally freakish looking and my mouth hurt terribly. I thought I was going to die! I had an appointment with my dentist that afternoon to have my permanent crown put on and he assured me that I wasn't dying and that it was just like a cold in my mouth. He said it happens when you're really tired and your immune system is low. Both of which were true about me. On Saturday I was supposed to do the first session at the temple, but I had to call in and cancel because I was in bad shape. I went to Urgent Care and had the doctor look me over because I felt awful and was sure that my teeth were going to fall out by the way my gums were looking. I couldn't eat and I thought I was going to die.

The doctor said the same thing that my dentist said. He put me on antibiotics to kill any infections hanging out in my body, but he said it wouldn't help with my canker sores. Oh! And I had a temperature of 103!!! He told me to rinse 3 times a day with 50/50 water and hydrogen peroxide. So I suffered through the weekend drinking water and slurping down yogurt. I didn't want to eat anything because it hurt too much, but my stomach was begging for something. All weekend I was freaking out because it seemed to be getting worse and I thought my teeth were going to fall out. Plus, it hurt so bad! Especially swishing with the hydrogen peroxide. OWWW! I got a blessing on Sunday and that improved my mood. Monday during the day was bearable, but after flossing and rinsing that night before bed I had a breakdown. It hurt so badly and my gums looks awful and I was still convinced me teeth were going to fall out. I cried myself to sleep.

So Tuesday morning I went to the doctor again and said I needed something for the pain. She assured me my teeth weren't going to fall out and that it was just something that happens when your immune system is really low and you get this little bug. She said I didn't do anything to cause it and I needed to just relax - does she know me at all? LOL She recommended drinking a lot of fluids and taking Vitamin C. She prescribed me a mouthwash that they call "Magic Mouthwash". It's part Mylanta, part Bendryl and part Lidocaine to help ease the pain. It made my mouth feel like it was just coming out of being numbed from dental work.

I also stopped by the dentist that day to pick up my bleaching trays and he looked at me again because I was still a little bit freaked out. He assured me that my teeth weren't going to fall out (can you sense a pattern?) and he gave me a prescription for Valtrex. Huh? Isn't that for genital warts? LOL Well, I guess it has just been approved for the treatment of what was happening to me. However, it's best to take it right when it starts and it only shortens it by about a day. So I was kind of out of luck this time, but I hope I don't ever have this happen again!

I also started taking Lysine to strengthen my immune system along with Vitamin C and now I'm almost healed. I can eat a little bit and chew and so that's fabulous because it was going crazy eating yogurt and applesauce. The Boy and I are leaving tomorrow to visit my parents. I'm excited, but sad to leave Will too. All The Boy has been talking about since we got back is everyone at Grandma's house, so I know he'll be excited to see them. I'm hoping to get up to Idaho to visit my Grandparents and to visit a few Utah friends.

So now that I'm among the living again, I hope to be posting some real blog posts again. With pictures and everything! LOL I've felt so badly for The Boy because I've been like a squid on the couch and he's had to entertain himself. However, yesterday we went to the park and the library and he was so excited!


Crystal said...

So, their pretty sure you're teeth are going to fall out? That's too had such nice teeth. My word verification is gojkjn which to me sounds like "Go Drinkin" when you say it fast...Bottoms UP!

Melanie said...

That does not sound like fun. Sorry you had to suffer through this. So, I guess I won't get to see you at Kyle's birthday party. Bummer!! It would have been fun to see you guys!! Have a safe trip.

Ashby said...

That sounds awful! Glad that you are starting to feel better! And thanks for all the tutorials on digi-scrap! I love them!

PS - just yesterday the Christmas Card I sent to you CAME BACK. Yeah, I sent it a MONTH ago. Ugh. So it's in and new envelope and I'll be sending it out Monday. Better late than never, right?

Jamie & Jared said...

It is no fun being sick when you're a mom! I'm glad you are finally starting to feel better (and eat again!)

XYZinn said...

Oh my gosh. I have never heard of that before. That sounds so painful! Hope you are having fun at your parents house!

Ann-Marie said...

Oh that sounds absolutely terrible! i hope you're feeling better and that you are enjoying spending some time with you mum and dad :)

KarenH said...

Awww.. I hope you're feeling better now !! Hope you had a good time in Utah too. How are you enjoying your new home ?? I'm still waiting for her to come. I still have 2 weeks till my due date. I'm already effacted & dialated so I'm anxious to wonder when I'll start labor. I'm nervous about that. . :)

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