Thursday, January 10, 2008

From Our Blogs to Yours:)

Hee, hee, it's another digi entry - sorry non-digi folks. This is a SSD challenge from back in December that I almost missed!

1) What you’re looking for in a product: BOY! LOL There are so many adorable girl kits and while that's fabulous, I'm looking for some fabulously sweet boy kits for Valentine's Day and beyond. There are some rough and tumble kits out there, but I'd love something for sweet layouts. I'd love to see more paper piecing out there. I love that stuff. I'm an alpha addict, so anything that is cute and unusual is catching my eye right now. I'd love some great textured borders that are for only one side of the paper so you could mix and match them.

2) Kit ideas - Same as above:) I'd also love a beautifully elegent kit - with whites and such - for blessing and baptism pages.

3) Anything that could inspire a product- my favorite green Old Navy sweater. It's this really great celery green. Sweet pea flowers.


KarenH said...

Hi !! How are you ?? I don't have your e-mail address on my home address book. I will need it so I can send an email out w/ the baby's picture whenever she decides to come. . :) PS Tell Marianne I need hers too & bug her to update her blogspot too !!!!!

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