Monday, December 03, 2007

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

At our house! I finally found all of the boxes/tubs that have our Christmas decorations in them and started putting them out last night. I still need to organize the Snowtown Village and find a spot for a few random things, but it's all coming together. I was kind of bummed because I plugged in the string of lights to put up outside and they worked. Then, I got halfway through winding them around the patio and 1/4 of them died. I thought it was weird that it wasn't the whole string. So I need to find a replacement bulb and try to figure out which one is causing the problems. We probably aren't getting a tree this year since we are going away from Christmas, so all of the ornaments are still in their boxes. We also made a gingerbread house with The Boy and it turned out so cute. Will kept teasing me that I wasn't going to let them help because I wanted it perfect, but they helped!

I had so much fun on Saturday when I went to a girls' night in at my friend's house. It was so fun to see my teaching friends and blab and have a good time. We were supposed to watch a movie, but we talked so much, we never got around to it. They are such a hilarious group of ladies and we have a ton of fun when we're together. Oh! My girlfriend had the most awesome thing I've ever seen! It's called a Cocoa Latte Machine! A parent gave it to her for Christmas one year because they knew she didn't drink coffee. How cool is that? I want one! It mixes it and heats it and makes it super yummy. Then it froths it when you dispense it. Too cool!

This week we have cleaning and errands to get done before my parents get here. It's also The Boy's 2nd birthday on Wednesday! Can you believe that? We are having a little party for him on Saturday with the family a few of his friends. It's going to be really simple and low key. However, I do need to sit down and make a list today of all the things I need to get done. Have a fabulous week!


Mama said...

i like that cocoa machine that's cool.

Davis Family said...

wow - time sure does go by fast! Happy birthday jt!

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