Saturday, December 01, 2007

I'm Freaking Out!!!

Ok, so I just saw this on a digiscrapping blog that I frequent and I am totally freaking out!!!! Look at it! The Boy would totally love it (and so would my nieces for that matter) but we've already bought WAY TOO much for his birthday and Christmas. Maybe he'll get it for Easter. THat's what I keep saying for all the fun toys I keep seeing - oh, maybe for Easter. LOL I wouldn't be freaking out, except that he's been a Little Einstein's fan since he was 6 months old!

We had a really good week. We went to Music Makers and he had such a great time. The RS Presidency came over for a vist and that was so fun. They are so sweet. I got a new ward cookbook! Yummy! I love mormon recipes. My cutie Laurels from the old ward came to eat and play games. It was so good to see them. I miss them! I miss all the YW. Our friends came to visit on Thursday and the kids were hilarious together. It is really good for him to play with someone close to his age, because then he has to learn to share.

Friday we braved Disneyland in the pouring rain. Let me explain. It wasn't raining when we left, but the weather forecast said "shower possible". In the OC that means - probably not! LOL So half way there it starts pouring! I'm like - we're turning around and going home. Nope, not doing that either. There is a giant accident on the 5S with a semi jack knifed across the freeway blocking all traffic. So, we go to Disneyland and put on our ponchos, I put the cover over the stroller and we run to The Tiki Room. There were like 2 other people in there with us. Then we ran over to Small World and did that too. It was great because it was inside and we waited like 30 seconds to get on. It was the getting off that was terrible! We were backed up coming out of the ride, it was pouring again, and we were just sitting out in it for almost 10 minutes. I made The Boy get under my poncho too, gave him a cookie and prayed he wouldn't freak out. Luckily I had brought a towel because that kept the rain from running down the bench and underneath us to get our bums wet. We were almost to the unloading zone when we stopped under the bridge - that was the last straw. Water just poured down our backs, under us, and got our bums wet. My friend called to see if she should come over and I was like - NO! We're out of here. That afternoon we went over to her house and played and The Boy loved it.

Today I took The Boy out for a bike ride and it went well. He got bored about 30 minutes into it, so we turned around and came home. I'm going to start addressing Christmas cards today so hopefully I can get them out soon!


Laura said...
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Laura said...

OH I saw the same thing the other day "ROCKET" would be big hit at our house too.

XYZinn said...

I would let grandma buy that present. Just send her a little email with the attachment. She'll get the hint. :)

The Titmi said...

Hi, I met you on Sunday! I ordered that Rocket a month ago from Target and they have yet to ship it. Good Luck!
Don't forget to add your blog to the blog links on the yahoo group if you have not already.

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