Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Here comes another video!

Hi friends and family (and blog stalkers:) I'm back with another video! Things have been quiet here since Thanksgiving. We did go to Music Makers and The Boy loved it. He especially when the put on the Jan Brady song "See Me Run!" and they get to run around the gym. I make him hold my hand so that he doesn't run into any of the other kids and bonk heads. Tomorrow we have friends coming over - YEA!!!! The plans haven't worked out the last few times we've scheduled it, so hopefully it all works out tomorrow. On Friday we're going to Disneyland with our Music Maker/Stake friends and we're really excited. Then next week Grandma and Grandpa will be here!!!! We're going to Disneyland and having his little party, so that should be so fun!

This is a video of The Boy and the cow at Disneyland back in October.


Ashby said...

Is it okay for me to hate you since you live so close to Disneyland, and apparently go everyday?! And I am loving your new background and header! I may or may not have downloaded the same kits.....

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