Friday, December 14, 2007


My parents and little sister came the day after The Boy's birthday and we had a fabulous trip to Disneyland with them. These are some pictures that I took during our trip. I learned a trick from the Target Portrait Studio lady. She said to have him say puppy or candy when we want him to smile, since saying cheese makes him go squinty eyed.

Oh! So the Target Portrait Studio thing is a whole story in and of itself. I call on Tuesday to make an appointment for Wednesday. The guy was very nice and said he made our appointment for 11:20. So at 11:00 on Tuesday I am frantically trying to get us ready to go and we pull into the Target lot at 11:20 and I go sprinting into the Target. I rush up to the counter, but there is another family - a grandma, daughter (I'm guessing single mother), and a toddler in front of me. Well, they are having a fight about what day to come back for photos. The daughter is probably in her early 20's and acting like a spoiled 15 year old about the whole thing. It was quite a sight. So I step back and let them have their space to hash it out. When they are done fighting about who is in charge and I step up to the counter and the lady is like, "May I help you?" I figure this is a bad sign, because she isn't like, "Are you here for your 11:20 appointment?" HA! The guy didn't write me down! Not just for that time, at all. I'm nowhere in the book. Ugggh! Do you know what it takes to get a 2 year old dressed, hair combed, and out of the house clean and in good spirits? Plus, have myself look half way presentable??? She was really nice and I could tell she could tell I was frazzled. So, she says, don't worry, she has a 12:00, if I can hang around. What choice do I have?

So we walk around for about 20 minutes and come back and her employee is there, so she can start shooting us. The Boy was full of pep so it is no easy task to get his picture taken, but we get a few good shots. We then walk around for 20 more minutes while they download the pictures - this just means they need time to play around and make them fancy, so they can charge you more:) LOL I decided I'm not going to buy the fancy ones anymore. With my digiscrapping skills, I can make them sepia toned or b/w or add a little subtitled that says "Mommy and Me 2007". Anyway, off topic . . . . However, they do this cute one with him holding the letters to spell two and it's really cute. We have the one of him holding the letters for "one" and so we just needed it (next time I'll do it myself!) but I realize I need to call my mom to see if she wants one too because she has the "one" also and last time we had to order it after the fact. I have left my cell in my car, so I ask the ladies if it's ok for me to run and get it and they say sure. So I run to my car and as I'm turning to run back in, I realize I've walked out of the store with a basket of merchandise!!! While we were waiting I had looked at snowboots and Coloring books and tossed them in my cart. I don't know how I made it out of the store with them. So when I come back in, I make sure to walk to the left of the security gates so I don't set them off coming in.

So I'm walkng back into the store and talking to my mom and telling her how the pictures are cute, but that they make The Boy look like a little boy and not a baby and I start crying. LAME! But it's true. In the photos I saw a little boy staring back at me and not my baby anymore and it just made me sad. The pictures are great and he's adorable, but he does look like a little boy now. Today I asked him if he was my baby or my little boy and said, "BOY!" From the mouth of babes . . .


Crystal said...

I totally know what you mean about being your little boy. I bawled when I put Daisy down for bed on her 1 year old birthday and when we did rockabye when she turned two I kept crying. She was getting so upset at me for crying that she just kept asking for songs so I couldn't cry. It was funny/sad. Guess this is why people keep having more babies!

Melissa said...

Oh my goodness, I love the holiday look. You are really, really good at this. Have a great Christmas Kyla & Co. Much love.

XYZinn said...

Fun birthday!

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