Thursday, December 13, 2007

Birthday Morning and Dentist Appointments

The morning of The Boy's birthday we greeted him with a candle in a birthday mini donut and sang him "Happy Birthday". He had a present waiting for him to open and he loved it. His reaction was priceless and we wish we would have be using the video camera at the same time. So you'll just have to enjoy this picture storyboard of the morning.

We got him to the A to Z Little People Zoo and he was in heaven! He loves animals so much and now he has one for every letter of the alphabet. He can name almost all of them. We did have a debate for a few days about the Yak. He insisted it was a cow and when I would say, "That's a yak" he would scream "COW!" I thought it was funny.

Oh today was a doosie! So Will and I had our appointments with our new dentist. We scheduled them, we thought, so that when Will was done, I would show up, we'd swap cars and I'd hand off The Boy and go to my appointment. Well, that's not how it worked. I show up and Will isn't finished, but I'm thinking he's close and I am filling out paperwork, so I figure by the time I'm done, he'll be done. Nope. So the nice hygienist takes me back to the room and starts working on me, while The boy is wreaking havoc with her drawers, chairs, etc. Ahhhh! About 15 minutes later Will comes in and grabs him. By then, The Boy has pulled everything out of my purse and I'm just so embarrassed.

The rest of my appointment goes fairly well. However, I have a jaw/joint problem and it was killing me to keep my mouth open that long to be cleaned. Then, I find out the crown I had put on about 3 years ago has shifted and may be cracked and needs to be replaced. Great. So I get home and I'm just about in tears from the headache that's coming on and the cost of the new crown running through my head and Will says, "We have a problem."

It turns out that The Boy pilfered a green crayon from my purse when he was emptying it for me. While Will is talking with the receptionist, she takes a phone call, and The Boy insists on being let down. So, Will lets him down, not realizing he has a green crayon in his hand. As they are leaving, Will notices that there is green crayon on the wall next to the door - still not realizing that it is our son that has the green crayon. They are out the door and in the hall when he sees the crayon and makes the connection. So he waits until I get home so we can decide what to do. I say we have to go back and say we're sorry and clean the wall. I'm also crying now because it is all too much! LOL So I pack The Boy up, we stop at Target for some Magic Erasers, and go back to the dentist's office.

He has sent the receptionist home because she is sick and he is on his lunch. I explain what has happened and that we are so sorry and we're here to clean it. He won't let me! He says they have a building maintenance guy. I tell him I would feel a lot better if he would let me do it - nope. However, he takes the Magic Eraser, wets it, and tries it out. He thinks it is pretty cool and is going to tell his brother (that has a one year old) about them. He was such a nice guy about it. I really hope they don't think we are total freaks and that we would normally bring our child to our dentist appointments. He was only there because we were trying to just trade off. Oh well, lesson learned. Oh! The best part of going back is when I am telling him I am so sorry, The Boy says, "Daddy mad." Never were words so true!


iowamom said...

You are such a responsible mom! I think I would have been too humiliated to ever go back!

Crystal said...
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Crystal said...

I'm glad he didn't let you clean it...Will should have been done on time ;) That'll teach 'em to keep you guys waiting! PS I just want you to know that I watch the Merry Cwismas video of The Boy at least twice a day and show everyone at is so cute! Daisy says Merry Mismas.

Mama said...

that's so funny. i'm glad you went back and attempted to clean it up. i'm sure the dentist appreciated your effort even though he wouldn't let you clean it. magic erasers are the best. i use them to clean the grimey stuff off of my cupboards and appliances so they look like new and i'm amazed every time!

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