Thursday, November 08, 2007


I think this is so hilarious! This is our family Simpsonized!
Today was a laid back day, but I feel like I got a lot done. I organized the chaos in the extra room so we can go in and out of it. I didn't unpack anything, but at least now I can start. I'd really like to have it put together when my parents come next month. I was supposed to focus on my room today, but I got going on the extra room and I couldn't stop. I also moved furniture and vacuumed in The Boy's room and the Living/Dining Rooms. The bath tubs need scrubbing, so I'll have to pick that up tomorrow. After The Boy's nap we got ready to go to the library and then who should come home as we are walking out the door - WILL! The Boy was so excited and so they played together for a little bit and then we left. The Heritage Park branch of the library was a bit of a disappointment. It was really nice - don't get me wrong. But the thing that The Boy looks forward to most when we go to the library are the giant stuffed animals on top of the book shelves in the children's section. The Westminster library had awesome animals. They even put up seasonally dressed animals. It was great! When we tried out the Tustin library they had animals too, but it's a little bit farther away from us. Plus, the Heritage branch doesn't do story time starting Nov. 7 until January! Geez! So I will check with the Tustin library and if not, I guess we'll just wait until January.

Tomorrow we are so excited that my friend and The Boy's friend are coming over to play! Yea! We were going to go swimming, but it's a bit chilly and overcast, so we'll see if that happens. I just found out that the University branch has a toddler storytime on Fridays until next Friday, so maybe we'll go and do that. We'll definitely play!


Daphne said...

cool, how did you get that simpsonized thing? that is SO not will. hahaha.

Laura said...

I really dig your simpson Family!

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