Monday, November 12, 2007

I'm It!

1. Where Did You First Meet Your Husband?
At good old Romand Gardens:) We lived in the same apartment complex and I knew his friends in the apartment he was moving into. I think we were introduced in a parking lot! LOL

2. What Was The First Thing You Said To Your Husband?
"Hi, I'm mormishmom" - well, back then I was a mormishgirl:)

3. Where Was Your First Date?
I would say our first date was the BYU Homecoming dance at the Capital Building. We had been out to do lots of things as friends, but I would call that our first date.

4. Where Was Your First Kiss?
On the couch in the living room of my apartment. And my cutie roommate was in the bathroom getting ready for bed . . . hee, hee.

5. Did You Have A Long Or Short Engagement/Courtship?
WAY TOO LONG! LOL That is one of my biggest complaints about our courtship. We date 2 years and I was ready to get married like 6 months into the relationship:) We were engaged 6 weeks. I wasn't messing around any longer. Plus, I had over a year to plan. LOL

6. Where Did You Get Engaged?
In the parking lot of the Mt. Timp temple. It was a Monday night and the grounds were closed. We were going there to walk around, but we couldn't get in. We had gone to dinner at The Macaroni Grill (I think that was the last time we ate there) and then we went to the temple. He gave me a hymnal that was engraved with my name, but instead of my last name, his last name was there. And then the engagement ring was tied to the page marker. He had roses in the trunk. Fun!

7. Where Were You Married?
In the Salt Lake Temple at 6:15 in the blessed morning!

8. Where Did You Go On Your Honeymoon?
We spent our wedding night at the Somwhere Inn Time, a night in Las Vegas, a few nights in good old Westminster and a few nights in San Diego.

9. Where Was Your First Place Together?
Good old Wyview!

10. How Long Have You Been Married? 6 years

Ok now it's your turn.... tag: Melanie, Jenn S., Karen, Keek


Mandy said...

Hm...I think I got engaged before you. :P

Ryan & Melanie said...

I tagged you...silly!! If you want me to do it, you'll just have to go back to my blog and read it again! hahaha!! Fun to read yours!!

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