Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Incredible Edible Egg

So today started out so nicely. Will offered last night to do the grocery shopping and errands this morning and take The Boy with him so I could rest and get some reading done. It was really relaxing to sit in bed and read and not worry what The Boy is doing in the other room. (Sidenote: He loves playing in his new room!) About 2 hours after they have been gone I get a call from Will and this is how it goes:

W: Your boy just squished an egg all over himself in the back seat and now he's eating the shell.

M: Oh no!

W: He just totally dug it out and squished it and it's everywhere. Stop touching the eggs!

M: What can I do?

W: Nothing, I just wanted you to know what happened. We're almost home. I need you to meet me outside.

M: Ok, I'll be out there.

So, they pull up and sure enough he's covered in egg! So is his car seat and it has leaked down onto my seat. Yuck! I pull him out and strip him down while Will carries in the groceries. Then, he takes The Boy upstairs and I proceed to take the car seat out of the car, strip it down, and clean up all the egg that has managed to find its way all over the bottom of my shoe and the mat. Ewwww! I had to take the buckles off of the straps too because the egg was in every crevice of the car seat. Bleh!

The Boy was pretty heartbroken that his dad was mad at him, but I'm glad to say that they are buddies again. I guess I should have mentioned his obessions with eggies:) Everytime we get eggs from Costco I have to put them far away from him, because he wants to dig them out. The funny thing is that he won't touch cooked eggs. What a little nut.

Ahhh! I almost forgot our crazy dinner last night. So, I made enchiladas and as I am cooking them I say to Will, "I wonder if The Boy will like them. Do you think they might be too spicy?" Will says he doesn't know and we'll just have to try it out. So, when I give the boy his cut up enchilada he touches it to his tongue and says, "Sick." Ok, so who did he learn that from ::grin:: So I let him eat his green beans and Will and I keep eating. At the end of the meal Will has excused himself from the table and I am trying to coax The Boy into take one bite. He really wants chips and I tell him he can't have any unless he tries one bite. He says, "No. Mommy." So I take a bite and then say, "Ok, The Boy's turn!" and I count down like a blast off from five. He opens his mouth and I pop a bite in and no sooner does it touch his tongue when he starts fake gagging. I say, "You're alright. Chew! You're almost done!" And then he vomits! Milk, green beans and enchilada! I'm laughing hysterically because the whole situation just gets to me and Will comes in and is like - what are you guys doing?? And The Boy starts explaining very dramatically how I made him take a bite and how it made him throw up. And in between explanations he asks for chips. So, Will gives him some because I made him throw up. What a terrible mommy I am!


Mama said...

that's hilarious. reming me never to eat your enchiladas okay?? :)

Laura said...

Wow I had no ideas how funny your family is. I love both stories. Any pis to go with them? I guess I don't have to see the barf ones

Crystal said...

How was church at your new ward? And I gained 2 pounds...I'm pretty excited about that.

Jamie said...

I am so sorry about your carseat mess. Mia decided this past summer to become car sick, and threw up quite a few times. There's nothing worse than cleaning up throw-up in the car (although I can only imagine what the egg must have been like!) After the first, we started putting a pillow case under her seat to protect the actual car from getting throw up on it as well (too many little slits in the carseast for a mess to get EVERYWHERE!). You can also purchase car seat protectors, which I just might!

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