Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Hello Friends

How are you this wonderful day? Things are going well here at our home. I almost have all the boxes unpacked in the Living Room! Yea! Does that mean everything is where it should be? No! But at least it isn't inside a box:) I think what is taking up the most space in the dining room are the things that need to be hung on the walls. Hopefully Will can help me do that this weekend.
It's been a quiet couple of days. This weekend we went to the Westminster Ward one last time. I was really sad, but I know that it's time. I'm just overwhelmed by all the change right now. I really hope that I connect with someone in our new ward really quickly. It was weird not to have aerobics today. I guess it didn't really hit me until this week because I had Will home with me last week. Now it's back to The Boy and I - which I love - but we've always had things to do. Walking with cutie girlfriend MWF, aerobics TTh, park and mutual on Wednesday, throw in a beach or Disneyland day and our week was pretty jam packed. I felt needed, especially in YWs. Now it's like, um, ok. Sorry I'm waxing melancholy on you all today. Plus, I miss my moms and dads. Even though I've been away from my own parents for 4 years now, it still isn't easy and it doesn't help that Will's parents are gone. Hey, my cutie girlfriend is coming to visit me on Thursday, so there is a bright spot in the week. Oh! And I'm going to Enrichment back at the old ward too, so I've got plans:)
I've been walking the neighborhood each morning for exercise and I decided it's time to bump up the intensity and I need to start running. So I walked half and ran half, but my stroller just isn't made for running! I must have looked funny trying to manuever that thing. So, I decided I want this:

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My brother just got one and I'm so jealous. It is a jogger and a bike trailer. We have lots of trails around here and I see people riding their bikes and I'd like to go too, but I've got no way to take The Boy. My cutie friend that I used to walk with has one that she borrowed from a friend and I really liked how hers was made. It's a Kidarooz, but the Schwinn looks good too. So, all you joggers/bikers out there. Do you have any recommendations? Maybe Santa will bring me one for Christmas:)


Mama said...

hey lady. i can't wait to see your place. i will be by after we get back from our trip for sure!! let me know if you want me to bring you back anything for your new place or whatever. we'll be going to the swap meet in oahu before we head home.

Mandy said...

I don't think brands matter...just get a jogger. They are soooooooo worth it.

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