Sunday, October 21, 2007

I Did It . . . And Survived

We went to our new ward today and I didn't die from having to talk to people I didn't know. It was a very pleasant experience and I'm guessing I'll be okay being in a new ward. They have a Stake Trunk or Treat on Friday, so I will probably take The Boy over to that so he can run around and have a good time. We have something else going on that night too, so I'm glad that it's earlier in the evening. I think Will will still be at work, so it'll just be The Boy and me. Today was the Primary Program in our ward and it was so cute. The Boy loved when the kids sang - perhaps a little too much because he wanted to sing along too. He also liked leading the music with the music leader. He didn't have any problems in Nursery and was excited to go and stayed the entire time without any crying. I was so proud of him. I think I cried more today than he did:) They were just mommy tears - you know, worrying if he'll be okay without his old friends and if the Nursery Leaders will love him as much as his others did. Our ward is really young and has A LOT of children in it, including nursery age. So, I'm worried he'll get lost in the bunch because he's the new guy. However, I should have known better. He has such a dynamic personality, that there is no way this kid is every getting lost in the crowd. Where does he get that from?

This week promises to be a busy one and I have pictures from our Disneyland trip last week that I need to get posted, so hopefully you'll get to see them soon. My costume just needs to be hemmed and I need to tack The Boy's hat to his hood and then we'll be ready to Monster Mash! When I finished my dress I was so frustrated because it was too big and looked frumpy. So, I called my friend from YWs that is an excellent sewer and said, "HELP!" She just took in the sides and fixed the sleeves all without taking anything apart and now I'm happy with it. Yea! I probably won't wear it to trunk or treat. It will probably make its debut at the Westminster Ward Halloween party. Oh, yeah!


Laura said...

Lots of kids in your new ward, that sounds great. Yos should have fun play groups.

Davis Family said...

so what ward are you guys in? tustin or irvine stake? check out my latest nursry blog - i'm jealous of you!

Daphne said...

Oh that's right. I forgot you'd have to switch wards once you moved. Sounds like the transition is going well though. Good luck with that!

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