Monday, October 22, 2007

No Win-y, No Win-y!

That is what The Boy starts shouting one morning when we are going for a walk. Well, it was actually the first day that I decided to try running and as soon as I start running, he starts shouting, "No win-y, no win-y!" As I'm huffing and puffing down the street it takes me a second to figure out what he is talking about and then it hits me - THE WIND! He doesn't like it blowing in his face and he is totally cracking me up. So, I pull down the shade on the stroller and he seems very content with that because then he can control just how much win-y is getting him. A few days later he and I go for a walk in the late afternoon before dinner so that we can get out of the house. This time he is walking on his own and we are going around the block. We get about one block from home and the wind picks up - uh oh! He freezes right where he is and starts screaming, "No win-y, no win-y. My win-y!!!!!" I don't know why it is suddenly his windy:) I suspect he meant, I'm being blown by the wind. But it was hilarious to watch him and I am sure we were quite the spectacle for the neighbors. He was waving his arms, patting his head, and grabbing his face - I'm pretty sure he looked a little nutz.

What made me think to write this story is that my little niece got sick the other night and I was reading about the story on my sister's blog. She was throwing up every half hour and they had a bowl next to her, to try and contain the vomit. Well, in her almost-two-years-old mind she became convinced that it was the bowl that was making her sick, because whenever it got close to her, she threw up. Poor, little munchkin! It's so interesting to see how these little ones process information and make conclusions about the world around them. They are so totally smart and adorable!

I am finally uploading the Disneyland pictures to Photobucket, so I should have them to share tomorrow.


Mandy said...

I wanna see some DL pics!!!

Crystal said...

Don't you just love all the hilarious things they say! I don't know what people are talking about terrible twos...I think it is hilariously fun. Even though Daisy's fav word now is "no!" it is just so fun for me to see her realizing she can control things. And to tease her when she says no to silly things and watch her laugh.

Daphne said...

how cute. I didn't get it at first too.. win-y... then when you said wind, I thought.. awwww...cute!

love the new blog design by the way.

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