Tuesday, September 18, 2007

So . . .

I got in trouble for not blogging, so here I am. I have been sitting here all night, dilligently backing up all my digi supplies and layouts. I've had 2 friends that have lost all of their stuff in the past month and that is not happening to me, so in 13% more it will all be backed up to disk. Then, I'm going to have to create a New Layouts folder and a New Supplies folder and wait until they fill up a DVD and then burn again. I think it would be a bummer to lose my supplies, but I would be SO sad to lose all the LOs I've done. So, now it's done and I can stop thinking every day - I really need to do a disk backup. Plus, I purged a lot of the freebies that I collected when I first started because I haven't touched 90% of them and probably never will now that I know what fabulous digi supplies look like:)

I have some hilarious pictures to show, but I'm too tired to get them right now, so you'll have to wait until tomorrow. Today was kind of a blah day. Will is out of town and so it's just me and The Boy. We went to aerobics and it was a good workout and The Boy was really well behaved. After aerobics we went to Joann's and I got a white zipper for my Dorothy costume. I have a blue one, but that doesn't blend well with the white top. Then we went to Babies R Us to get The Boy's bath soap. I LOVE Gerber's foaming bath wash and BRU is the only place I've been able to find it. I had a coupon, so that was a plus. After that, we didn't do much. The Boy is sick and I think he's getting a little worse. His cough/hoarse throat sounded worse today and he just wasn't happy most of the day. I hope he's feeling a little better in the morning. We tried playing outside, but he got bored and wanted to go inside. I was trying to read and I know I should have been playing with him, so it's my fault.

Tomorrow we have a few errands to run and The Boy has a birthday party to go to. I hope he is well enough to go or we'll be staying home. He is obsessed with Tigger and Pooh right now - specifically My Friends Tigger and Pooh on the Disney Channel. He says, "Watch Tiggerpooh" and Tigger and Pooh sound as if they are one entity. Will and I were talking tonight about how he vocabulary has just exploded in the last week. He puts 3-4 words together and he greets everyone with Hi ::name:: and says goodbye that way too. On Sunday it was the cutest think you ever saw! He grabbed his cutie nursery leader by the neck and said, "Bye ::Name::". It just made her day! She is one of my former YW and I just think she is a doll.

Well, I'm coping ok with my inlaws being gone. It's been a week now and I haven't totally lost it. I even sewed my Dorothy costume all by myself! Well, I have to put the zipper in, but my MIL will be back on Tuesday next week to pick up the Montana and so she said she'd help me. I think that is making it even harder - knowing I have to say goodbye again and this time for 18 months. Bleh! It's hard sometimes to go downstairs and have the boy ask for Pa-Pa and Grammy - he started calling her Grammy the day before she left. That stupid song by Diamond Rio keeps popping into my head - "One more day, one more time. One more sunset, maybe I‘d be satisfied. But then again, I know what it would do, it'd leave me wishing still for one more day with you.” And I know it is a love song, but the lyrics just make me remember to cherish every moment you've got. I know it is where they are supposed to be, but I'm such an overly emotional person, that I still get teary eyed. So, I just need my mom and dad to come and visit me - HINT, HINT.


Mandy said...

Um - I know I've been MIA alot lately, but where are your inlaws going?

Also, do NOT wait until you can fill up a DVD...that's what I was doing! Back up your layouts once a month, even if it doesn't fill a whole disk.

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