Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Monkey Says What?

Today was kind of a wacky day. I didn't get my walk in because my girlfriend's little boy has preschool on Wednesdays and it's her day to help, so we either have to walk before Will goes to work or it doesn't happen. Well, since Will is gone and go are G&G, there was no one to stay with The Boy. We ran down to Distribution Services to pick up boxes and then I stopped at Bookport to get The Boy's Christmas present. Have you seen these? They are called Mini Missionaries and I think they are so cute and they are made to go with the Little People - which we also love. Bookport didn't open for 30 minutes, so we walked over to the Starbucks to use a GC I had there. I ordered a Pumpkin Spice Light Frap and when it came up, I took it outside and sat down to share with The Boy. Well, I took my first sip and almost died - bleh! Tasted like coffee. So I took it back in and told the barista something was wrong - it tasted like coffee. He was really nice and whipped up another one. So I sip that one and sure enough - bleh! Coffee. So, I gave it back and said, "It still tastes like coffee. It's just supposed to be a blended creme." There in lay the problem. The girl that was taking orders marked that it was a Frap Blended Coffee - YUCK! The guy apologized profusely and I said it was no problem. Except that I have the nasty taste of coffee in my mouth. I really don't get it. What's the draw? Besides the caffeine buzz, what makes coffee so appealing? Like people that drink decaf - what's good about that? Oh well! To each his own.
We went to the park around 11am, but no one was there. Well, the nursery school kids were there, but no one from the ward. The Boy seemed a little more under the weather today and just couldn't find something that made him happy. After he threw his third fit I asked him if he wanted to go home and he started running toward the car crying, "Home! Home!" It was pretty sad. So I grabbed him and we sat in the grass until he calmed down and then went to the car and started driving home. We didn't get 2 seconds down the road and he starts crying, "Slide! Slide!" So, I drove past the little park that is closer to our house and the little boy who is 5 days older than The Boy was there. So we pulled over and ended up playing for an hour and both the boys had fun. Yea!

After his nap he was in such a good mood and so I decided to take him to the birthday party he was invited to tonight. We had to go, because this little girl is going to be his future girlfriend. She is SO cute! And when we walked into Chuck E. Cheese, she came up to him, hugged and kissed him. How cute is that? It's meant to be:) The Boy had so much fun and he loved meeting the real Chuck E. Cheese. The birthday girl was terrified and The Boy is running up to him and give him "5".

We stopped at Rite Aid after the party and picked up some cough medicine. He kept waking up during his nap because he was coughing so I called the ped's office and asked what I could give him and the nurse suggested a Pediacare product. They had a Rite Aid generic, so I got that one. Now he's in bed and I'm watching the Biggest Loser and I'm going to scrap - maybe:) Goodnight!


Mandy said...

Those Little Missionaries are too cute. :) I don't get the coffee thing, either. It smells gross, and coffee flavored jelly beans make me want to barf.

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