Thursday, September 20, 2007

Picture Friday

Well, it's really Thursday still, but by the time you all read this it will be Friday:) Today was another wacky day. It's been 3 days since The Boy has seen Will and over a week since he's seen his Grandparents A. Plus, his cousins are back in school and so I think he just doesn't know what to do with himself. He's also sick and so he's very needy and I think he said "mommy" about a million times today. But that's it. He would just say "mommy" over and over again, but he wouldn't tell me what he needed - he's just cry because I couldn't read his mind. Poor thing. This morning we went to aerobics and he was super good and played with the only little girl that came today. Then we went to Costco and picked up bread, milk, and eggs - the necessities. When we got home we played and were silly and he ate lunch and that's when he started to meltdown. So, I put him down for a nap and he slept 3 hours, but he didn't wake up in any better mood than before he went to sleep. He wanted to go outside, but when we got out there, he just cried. He kept going to the car saying - Go! Go! So I grabbed my purse and we went. We stopped at Albertson's and got some Gatorade and popsicles to help with the sore throat. My little cute YW that works there was our courtesy checker and she gave him a sticker and he gave her the first smile of the day.
We went to McDs and got him some chickaboom, french fries, and chocolate milk and brought it home to eat. We sat out on the grass and he was happy as punch. His Aunt V came out to talk with us and he loved seeing her - Yea for Aunt V! He was really good the rest of the night and went to bed without protest. Tomorrow promises to be better because Will is coming home! Phew!

We're supposed to go to Disneyland, but it is supposed to be raining in the morning and with him not feeling well, I don't know if I'll push it. We'll see what the weather is like and what his disposition is. I hope you enjoy the pictures - I think they are adorable.

This is us and our cousins on Tower of Terror. I used my camera to take a picture of the picture:)

I saved the best for last. They go with the video - HILARIOUS! His Grandma A will especially appreciate it, because it's her hat that he's wearing:)



Mandy said...

LOL! Love the pics!!!!!!! Girl, he is growing up too fast. Slow down, buddy!!

Mama said...

so i was just show my daughter these pictures and she totally said the boys name perfectly!!! how cool is that!!

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