Thursday, September 13, 2007

Oh, My Heck!

Ok, so Will and I just waster over 2 hours of our lives watching Fly Boys and when it was over I said, "Besides Ronin, that was the stupidest movie ever." And then Will pointed out that the same French guy is in both movies! Ha! Ha! That is so hilarious!


SnapHappy said...

AAAAH! Thanks for the tip! We felt that way about Premonition, which was such a bummer since I love Sandra Bullock, but that movie just frustrated me! :)

Laura said...

Okay good to know not to put those 2 in my queue. And to add to snaphappy. I felt the same way, I wanted to love it but the ending was just dumb!

Mama said...

i have never even heard of fly boys. guess i'll never watch it though.

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