Friday, June 15, 2007

Oooh, Look! Another Post:)

Wow, can you believe it's only been 2 days since I last blogged! I'm really impressed with myself. The Boy is sitting in his high chair feeding himself yogurt with his new spoon and bowl. The spoon is extra deep to help toddlers keep their food on their spoon and get it to their mouth:) And the bowls have suction cup bottoms so it doesn't move around as he's tryin to scoop the food out of the bowl. Plus, he has a hard time picking it up and dumping it all over the tray, as he loves to do. Less mess - that's what I like.

Yesterday we went to aerobics, but only myself and the instructor showed up. Lame! I twisted my knee, so we took it easy and did more lifting than running/jumping kinds of things. I came home and got showered and ready to go to the Paul Frank Warehouse sale with my cousin. I got some amazing deals! I got a hoodie that retails around $50 for $11! I also got a cute skirt for $7 and I got The Boy some signature Paul Frank monkey face shirts. Oh! The best is this t-shirt that says "Slugs not Drugs" and it has a little slug holding the sign. I love it! I've added some pictures of the things I could find on the web. Aren't they just so cute? That night we just kind of hung out - nothing big or special going on.
Today we aren't going walking because my friend has tickets to a show with her little boy. I might go with my SIL, but we shall see. The Boy has his 18 month appointment today, so we shall soon know how big he is! I'm not sure if he is getting any shots, so I am going to call this morning and find out so we can be prepared. Will is most likely working late again, so I doubt if we'll do anything this evening. He also has to work tomorrow, but we have a birthday party for a friend, so hopefully we'll make it over there. We love ya, Daphne! I've got lots of scrapping to get done this weekend, so hopefully I will get it all done! Tomorrow I promise there will be pictures from Finding Nemo!

The Boy's slug shirt is brown


Crystal said...

Can I have that hoodie? Thanks.

Shandy said...

just wanted to stop by and say HI!
got your blog addy from Chantals CT blog list on her forum :)
I figured from your username that you were LDS - I am too! :) I see from your other posts that you work in the YW's -- as do I -- in fact, I just barely got back from girls camp this afternoon! way fun but I'm beat! LOL
anyway... hope to get to know you better :)
ps: and not that I know everyone in boise.. but just in the off chance.. who are your friends here?
feel free to email me:
chat later :)

Chantal said...


what great clothes!!

I have tagged you on my blog:

Laura said...

I have to have those bowls!! Why didn't I think of that? Very cute buys.

Mandy said...

...and you didn't tell me about the warehouse sale because........? LOL Like I need to spend money!!

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