Monday, June 18, 2007

So Much for The Next Day:)

So I said I would post those pictures of Nemo like 2 days ago. I'm lame! LOL So here they are. We had a lot of fun and if the wait wasn't going to be 2 hours, I'd take The Boy tomorrow to do it all again:) This weekend was ok. Will had to work the entire weekend, so that was pretty bleh. On Saturday we were supposed to go to a birthday party for our friend, but we missed it because he was at work and The Boy was ornery. I wasn't up for fighting him at a party full of adults. When Will got home we did get dinner and take it to the park and The Boy really enjoyed that. He was wanted his daddy! Will even worked on Father's Day. Bleh. I'm pretty tired of this company he's auditing right now, but only a couple more weeks and things should calm down. Last night The Boy went to bed late just because he was being so good and Will hadn't seen him all week, so they sat in the recliner together and surfed the web on the laptop looking for Wiis. It was really cute.

After Will got home on Sunday we had a family dinner and that was a lot of fun. I made my famous chicken salad and a coconut layered cake for my MILs birthday. She was so happy - it looked just like cake her mom made her when she was a little girl. I ate so much this weekend, I don't have very high hopes for when I get on the scale this Wednesday! I did go walking this morning and I'm going to aerobics tomorrow, so hopefully that will help some.

Tomorrow we've got aerobics and I need to return The Boy's Little Swimmers to Costco. He's in the weight range, but they just fall off of him as soon as they get wet. They are way too expensive for that nonsense. I also would like to try and go to California Adventure and let The Boy play in the water stuff over at Bug's Life Land - or whatever it is called. My MIL is having a Pampered Chef party tomorrow night and I'm really excited about that one! Have a great week and who knows, I might just post before too long!


Laura said...

The ride looks so fun!!! Are you sharing recipes?

Mandy said...

Oh how I wish I had my pass still! Please share the chicken salad recipe!

Ashby said...

Ditto to the recipe request!

Do you have a season pass to D-land? We are going down there the second week in July! Do you have any great wisdom or knowledge about the park(s) you can share?!

And where is the Nemo ride? Looked like fun!

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