Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Good Morning!

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This weekend was crazy for me with NSD, wedding receptions, YW lessons, and The Boy:) So, I'm sorry there was no late night Sunday entry. This week is a little slower and I'm so glad! Yesterday it was really hot here. Usually our daily routine is that I take The Boy outside to play after his nap for about an hour each afternoon. Well, we were out there maybe 15 minutes and his cheeks were pink, he was sweaty, and ornery. Poor thing! So we went inside to Grandma and Grandpa's and he played in the a/c. Grandma gave him cheese and so he was one happy little guy. We also went to the library yesterday and he loves it there! He was carrying his own book (one that we own) and he loves wandering in and out of the stacks. All the people there love watching him. Sometimes when we go to the library, we walk over to the park up the street and play, but it was just too warm, so we just went home. I checked out the book Devil in the Junior League. Has anyone read that? It's for the book club with my girlfriends from teaching. I'm only 10 pages into it - I usually read while The Boy plays outside - but it seems pretty funny.

Today we are going to aerobics, Costco, The Institute (wahahaha - Daphne!), and YW Board Meeting. There is lots to do! I've done some LOs since I last posted, so I am going to put them up for you to see. I still haven't tried the camera to see if it works, so I will try and do that today. I realized yesterday that a lot of my photos are on my desktop - which crashed about 2 months ago. I REALLY hope that DH and my BIL can get it up and running again for like 5 minutes so I can pull all the photos off. I know I should have done it immediately after they got it working last time, but I thought they made backups. Oh well! We'll get it worked out. Did I tell you that The Boy can say Einsteins, as in Little Einsteins? So he'll bring us the remote and say "mote" and when you say - what do you want? - he says "Einsteins!" It's really very hilarious! He also can tell you what a horse says now too and when he comes to a lion in any book he roars. He is learning things too quickly! He is trying really hard to jump, but he just can't get his feet up off the ground. He crouches, but when he pops back up, his feet stay on the ground. It's really funny to watch.

Some pluggies for my CTs - The new Scraps for Charity kit is up for sale HERE. This month it benefits the Humane Society and it has some really cute elements in it. I don't have any furbabies - as they call them - but I still found a way to use it!

This is the LO I did with it!
Also, Sara Ellis has a grab bag that she has revealed and it is too fun! I love everything - especially the alphas and numbers! Pick it up at OAKS before it's gone and everything goes to regular price!


Sara E said...

oh so all of your LOs...and that wish list super cool!

Mandy said...

I had no idea you were a guest CT of Sara Ellis - cool!

Melissa said...


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