Monday, May 14, 2007

What a Fabulous Day!

Good morning everyone! Can you believe that I am posting so early in the day? I wanted to post last night, but Will and his brother were working on the network for my new EHD!!!!! I am so flipping thrilled. That was my Mother's Day present from The Boy and Will and it is absolutely perfect! However, we are having problems with it, so I haven't been able to use it yet. We are most likely taking it back and just getting a new one, because my BIL (who does networks and IT for a living for a law firm) can't figure out what it wrong with it. We are guessing it just has some little bug and so they fiddled with it for over an hour, when you're just supposed to install and go, and it still wouldn't work. Oh well, I'm just excited that an EHD is in my future. Oh! An EHD is an external hard drive, for all of those that are techie nerds like me:)

Will also made breakfast for me that morning and pretty much took care of The Boy all day long. It was very nice:) He's a sweetie. All the men in the family made a combined dinner for the women and it was tasty. I requested grilled shrimp and it was super nummy!

The Boy is feeling a lot better, so I am thrilled about that. After sacrament meeting yesterday Will had to give the Mother's Day presentation and immediately after that we have to rush over to our friends' ward in Tustin for a baby blessing. We made in exactly the right time, but The Boy was on one. He was tired of sitting still and reverent after already have done it for an hour. Our friends had invited us over for lunch after the blessing, but with The Boy being sick and me just getting better, we didn't want to give that to them with a new baby in the house. So, after the blessing, we went home. The Boy fell asleep on the way home and slept for 2 hours. Yea! I got some digiscrapping in and Will got a nap - his one true love:)

Well, I need to go get dressed to walk, so I better sign off! I hope your week is great and I hope I blog again before too long!


Mandy said...

I had no idea you guys were sick! Hope it wasn't too bad, and glad you're feeling better!

Melissa said...

Happy late Mother's Day, kiddo.

Anonymous said...

You're a busy chika!!! LOL!!! I am glad to her that your little guy is better and congrats on the EHD .. I LOVE mine :)

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