Monday, November 21, 2011

Insta Friday: November 18, 2011

Last Friday The Boy didn't have school
in honor of Veteran's Day,
so Will thought it would be awesome
to head to the Universal City Walk
and show the kids all the cool things.

Our favorite was the iFLY.
It is so cool!

I also loved It's Sugar.

There was lots of giant candy and treats.

We did dinner at Johnny Rockets.

The next day was the last soccer game of the season.
It was rainy and cold.
Will said The Girl looked like the youngest
member of Hanson in her warm clothes :)

This guy scored a goal!!!!
He was so thrilled and it made his dream come true!

That night he and I went to see the musical
being put on by the church.
It was a fun mommy-son date night.

Monday is was back to waiting for carpool :)

Tuesday night Will's Cub Scout Troop
had their Space Derby.
It was comical and fun :)

At 2am on Wednesday I woke up in a panic
because I had forgotten to stop at Costco and pick
up a pumpkin pie for the Teacher Appreciation luncheon.
So at 6am I got up and made homemade pies instead.

This was all that was left.

The kids finished it off :)

Wednesday was my mom's birthday :)
and we did the whole YWs thing.

Thursday night I busted out my crazy and did the midnight
showing of Breaking Dawn Part 1 with my friends.
I got all fancified for the evening :)

Friday we saw this awesome sign!!!

And Friday night I headed down to the QBM with
Kara Noel and Jaime to see Mindy Gledhill in concert.

It was magical and awesome.
I rolled in around midnight.
My body is craving sleep!
It didn't help that I got up at 4:30am
on Saturday to help a friend with her boutique.

life rearranged


Steve Brown said...

Apparently moo moo didn't love the Hanson comment :) LOL, we miss you guys!

Kikal said...

That was me :)

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