Monday, November 14, 2011

Adventures in {Halloween 2011} Part III

The Boy had a great kinder Halloween Party - on Halloween :)
They had three rotations.

He started inside with stories with the teacher.

And a fun art project with some of the moms.

Then it was outside for some large motor activities.
It took him a few tries to the the hand to the opposite foot :)

And face painting!

Then it was time for costumes, a movie, and a fun little snack.

Then time for the costume parade!
I've participated in my fair share of elementary school
parades - as Glinda, a Purple Crayon, a worm,
a pregnant Starbucks barista :) - but it is definitely
more fun to watch your own little one parade around.

He told me the parade lasted FOREVER.
Silly boy.


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