Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Adventures in {Halloween 2011} Part II

The Friday before Halloween was our
Stake Trunk or Treat.
It is a marvelous event with millions of children,
trunks full of candy, and costumes a plenty.

We got fancy tonight and gave Little Red
some cute piggy tails.
I love how the Big Bad Wolf had droopy ears
because it's slightly humid outside.

After the Trunk or Treat we headed to our favorite
pumpkin patch to meet who?
But Jaime and clan of course :)

I made the kids keep their costumes on so
we could take a few pictures in front of the giant pumpkins.

Then I let them be free and enjoy the wonder
of the pumpkin patch.

The kids loved the "haunted house".
It's more like a glowing hallway:)
The Girl was nervous at first . . .

but when she saw that she could glow,
she wanted to stay in there all day!

The annual measure-up!

My beautiful girl loved the bubbles.

The last activity of the night was a pony ride.
The Girl declined to participate,
but The Boy was ready to go.

The Boy enjoyed the pony and the complimentary hat to wear
during the wild ride.

This ride was more The Girl's speed :)

After the pumpkin patch we headed to the
Woodbury Chick-fil-A in our costumes
for some FREE food.

Stay tuned for Part III . . .


Jaime said...

That pic of Izzy in the black light is AWESOME!!

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