Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Insta Friday: October 7, 2011

We jumped right into October and we're loving it!
Friday carpool was awesome.
I love watching how excited these
little ones are to get to school each day.

Friday night while running errands we saw a rainbow!
There hadn't been any rain,
so it was super cool.

The errand we were running when we saw the rainbow
was a run to Trader Joe's to grab this!!!

All last Fall I meant to go and get some,
but I never remembered.
And then I was sad.

Friday The Boy also lost a tooth.
He's super proud because it means
he gets to be on the Lost Tooth Chart at school.
Simple joys.

Friday night we also went to the soccer skills clinic again.
Again it was awesome and The Boy had a a blast.

Saturday morning we got up at the CRACK OF DAWN
and headed to Knott's.

We had tons of fun and The Boy was proud
that he rode some Big Rides.

Saturday night while Will was at the Priesthood
Session of General Conference,
the kids I did some grocery shopping
after a picnic at the park with friends from church.
I found these and thought they were SO CUTE!

Sunday was General Conference watching day,
complete with pancakes and bacon.
I wanted German Pancakes, but got out voted.
I loved watching The Boy listen to keep
track of key words so he could fill up his graph.

I made a new princess.
Can you guess who she is?
Think old school.

The Boy went old school watching
old episodes of Super Mario Brothers.

Monday I started getting my butt kicked
but this lady.
Tuesday I couldn't walk.

I used my yummy pancake mix for dinner that night.
The kids begged me to add chocolate chips.
Smart kids.

Tuesday night I hosted book club.
We discussed The Last Lecture.
I spent the day scrubbing, decluttering and cleaning.
Why do I choose days that I HAVE to get the house clean,
to go through baskets of magazines and papers
and spent 2 hours sorting through the collecting?
Just dust, vacuum, sweep and call it good.
I have a problem.

I was all cleaned out after Tuesday,
so I woke up Wednesday to a rainy day
and my book club feast mess.

Since I was volunteering in the classroom that day,
I was also driving carpool Wednesday.
Rainy day + 5 kinders + a 2 yo = AWESOME!

I wish I would have taken a picture of my 6 little ducklings
following me in the rain with their 5 little umbrellas.
But I was too busy not getting wet :)

A rainy day also meant bun warmer,
heater, and homemade hot caramel apple cider
in my Longaberger travel mug.
Simple joys.

Today I worked on korkers.
I hadn't made them for a long time - kinda fun.

What's up with y'all?

life rearranged


Yuè said...

fun-filled shots and adorable kids! happy weekend here's my entry

Nancy said...

First of all, good move on the TJ pumpkin bread. Yummo. Second, we LOVE Knotts. But not Knotts Scary Farm. Creepy. Finally, Jackie Warner Exercise TV, she kills me too. Just by looking at her rad body, it kills me. Love your week! :)

The Morris Family said...

GIRL, I think you deserve a break!! Wow!! What a week but sounds fun!!

Thanks for posting so I could see!!

Mckenna said...


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