Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Where does the time go?

It seems like just last week I was taking this boy to his first day of preschool.

(First Day of Preschool - September 2009)

And just yesterday that I was snapping this picture
for another year of fun with Miss Kristin & Miss Kathy.

(First Day of Preschool - September 2010)

So how did we get here???

(Last Day of Preschool - June 2011)

3 pant sizes
4 shoe sizes
several haircuts
and 4 lost teeth later
and this is where we are

Preschool Graduate

It was quite comical trying to get all 12 kidlets to face forward
at the same time for longer than a millisecond.

Gifts for friends

Gifts for the teachers

He's turned into a BOY.
A full fledged, no front teeth, BOY.
He doesn't look like a little guy anymore.
Actually, he's never been little :)
But his face looks like a kid.
Not a baby.
Not a toddler.
Not a preschooler.
A kid.

And that's ok, really.
But sometimes I wish I could slow the ride.
Just for a few hours.

He's such a sweet, well-meaning boy.
He's obsessed with Angry Birds and animals . . . I think animals will
stand the test of time. We're going on 5 years here, people.
He loves people.
He loves swimming.
Loves McDonald's double cheeseburgers. (YUCK!)
He's Daddy's best buddy, but don't worry,
he's my friend :)
He loves his sleep and RARELY protests about going to bed at night.
But bet your bottom dollar that no matter what time he goes to bed at night,
he's up and going by 6:45 the next morning.

Letters? Check.
Numbers? Check.
Inventive spelling? Check.
No more scribble scrabble? Check.
Beginning math skills? Check.
Early Emergent reader? Check.
Sitting still in a chair for more than 2 seconds & loving learning? PRICELESS
Thanks, Miss Kristin & Miss Kathy!

This is his Summer Bucket List.

He left it out and The Girl added a river to it.
He was devastated.
He is currently working on making a new one.


Mandy said...

Holy cow, FOUR TEETH GONE?! We're still working on getting the 2nd tooth loose. :) Hooray for kindergarten! Such an exciting time for you guys. Love the river on the list. The little cutie.

T-Fam said...

Yay for JT. I can't believe how old he is getting.

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