Thursday, June 30, 2011

Insta Friday: July 1, 2011

life rearranged
I'm so excited for Insta-Friday this week!
I was a picture taking fool!
We kicked off the weekend with a trip to our favorite
water park with some of our favorite friends!

Saturday it was off to a Princess Tea Party!
It was her first friend birthday party just for girls,
and she was so excited!!!
I was either getting squinty smile,
or deadpan :)

The Boy and I headed to his favorite place
for a meal and a mommy/son date.

We made Woof 'Ems over the stove top for
Sunday Night dessert.

Monday two of my favorite peeps (aka Kara-Noel and Jaime) came over
for crafting and My Big Fat Greek Wedding!!!
We did more munching of homemade kettle corn than crafting :)

We continued with swimming lessons!

We acted crazy . . . but what's new?

We made our Summer Bucket List!

The Boy felt the need to make his own.
And his sister felt the need to add a river.

I bought my blonde and it was fabulous!

We did more swimming lessons :)

I won an awesome necklace from Amiably Crafted
and I rocked it with my new hair.

The de-cluttering continues!!!
I will be clutter free one day . . .

Um, I think The Boy is building a rat's nest under his bed.
I made him crawl under the bed and pull it all out.
I mentioned rat's nest and he started crying.

We finished swimming lessons
and got to ride Big Blue TWICE!

We celebrated with Yogurtland.

And Jaime came over again and saved my rear and my sanity.
We practiced sewing French seams.
You know, sewing seams with your tongue out!


Laura said...

Kyla, your hair is super cute!!!!

Eisley Rae Clothing said...

It looks like you are all having a wonderful summer! Your hair is adorable.

Mandy said...

Oh, I'm totally laughing over the boy and the rat nest story! I make my girls crawl under their beds and clean it out every week. I can't believe the crap they keep that think are treasures!

Jaime said...

Whoa what a week!! You need a vacation. ;) Fun sewing with you!

*Brandi said...

I noticed the fabulous famous Little Einsteins rocket in your de-cluttering picture. Where did you get one of those fabulous things? My son is obsessed with that show and I'd love to find one like yours! :)

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