Monday, April 19, 2010


Anyone catch Glee last week?

Well, did a boutique this weekend, stayed up WAY too late
to finish things up,
and not one of the car seat canopies
I stayed up until 4AM making sold.


I should've gone to bed.
But I just keep hearing in my mind -

I think I'm done with boutiques for a little while.
I like my little Etsy shop.
I don't have to stay up until 4am.
I can leisurely make things.
And if I don't, no one ever knows.

Ya know?

Plus, this boutique wouldn't let me
bring my bows, because the organizer makes
hair accessories.
And I totally understand, but it was totally lame for me.


So, this week I'm back to being a mom,
and not a crazy lunatic sewing lady.
It feels nice.
And I'm excited for my
mom & sis to come on Friday!
But I have much cleaning to do.
So goodnight.

ETA: I did sell ONE canopy, but it was not one of the ones I stayed up until 4am making :)


The Titmi said...

Really?? I am suprised they did not sell! I was interested to see how it went. Seems like a lot of stress. Have a nice relaxing cleaning week :)

Cory said...

Sorry they didn't sell It wasn't a huge one though you know?? So don't give up just yet.

Mandy said...

Sorry they didn't sell. :( You make me so exhausted reading about your boutiques, your Etsy, and everything thing else you manage to squeeze into one day!

Lance and Kristi said...

Well, you know I will keep you in business on Etsy. :-)

Sorry you didn't have more luck!

Mckenna said...

You are crazy! I love you though. Sorry that you didn't have more luck, hope you do better next time! Love you and see you real soon!!!!

*Brandi said...

You make so many cute things! And I love Glee!!!!

jenerekfamily said...

Yeah, at least you'll have plenty for your Etsy stock. You sure pick beautiful fabrics!

Crystal said...

Hey, send me a picture of the fabrics you used for you canopy - I want to buy one for my friend who just had a boy...and I need more bows.

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