Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Little Layla Grace Marsh passed away this morning.
Twitter is a-buzz with the sad news.
I don't know why I'm so drawn to this story.
I don't know the Marsh family - just
found them through a retweet on Twitter.
But my heart aches for the Marsh family and the loss
of their little angel today,
but it rejoices
in the knowledge that she is whole again.

When I was about 10 years old
the baby girl of a
very dear family friend passed away.
She was born with serious
health and physical challenges
and her short life was a struggle.
I'm not exactly sure what her "diagnosis" was,
but I do remember that she had very low muscle
control and was fed through a tube directly into her stomach.

She was darling.
And smiley.

I was blessed to be in their lives
and to babysit their little angel.

When she passed the family asked me to read
a poem that someone had written for her.
This was around 1990
and I memorized the poem and
surprisingly was able to recite it at the funeral
without completely losing it.
I've always been a tender heart and tears come
fast and furious when
I'm sad.

I've seen the poem all over the place
but I've never been able to find a true story
behind who wrote it -
supporting my memory that it was written
for Becky as she struggled
for life in the hospital.
Some claim their aunt so and so or mother wrote around 1997,
or some lady in Florida.
Wherever it came from,
it came to mind today and I'd like to share it.

God saw she was getting tired
But a cure was not to be
So He put His arms around her
and whispered 'Come with me'

With tearful eyes we watched her
Saw her suffer and fade away
Although we loved her dearly
We could not make her stay

A golden heart stopped beating
Little tiny hands laid to rest
God broke our hearts to prove to us
He only takes the very best

(P.S. I knew Layla was my kind of girl.)


Symphony of Love said...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem.

marissa said...

My girls liked catching up on your blog today because you have lots of movies and you went to Disneyland :) Your kids are simply adorable and you are unbelievably creative and talented. I was just so uplifted by reading your blog today. Thanks! I needed that :)

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