Saturday, January 02, 2010

Bag Obsession

Lots of you know I have a bag obsession. I own 4 or 5 diaper bags and I'm always switching between them. Some of my friends think I'm nuts. I found a new one that I "need". It's a Vera Bradley. I already have one Vera Bradley that I got as a teacher gift when I was at TMA. I use it as my church/YW bag. I think this one would be perfect for a diaper/toddler/mommy/purse bag. What do you think?

Do you have an obsession? What is it?
P.S. Some of the prints are also on SALE right now or they have a super cute print at Overstock. Just in case we have the same obsession ;)

P.P.S. I also love this bag. My friend has one. They are lovely.


Mandy said...

Cute bags! I don't think I have an obsession with you think?

jenerekfamily said...

I, myself, am a big fan of bags - though I don't have much of a taste for designer things, and I certainly would never pay more than $30 for a good bag, so I don't have much of a selection. However, I DID find a PPB boxy backpack in perfect condition on Craigslist the other day for only $10. I was quite excited about that one. I will also say that I am a HUGE Oilily fan.

Davis Family said...

check Ross, tjmax, and marshalls for the vera bradly. they have them periodically for a much reduced price. I just got one in October for my sister.

Syd said...

Oooh, don't have the same obsession as you, but I could! My mom gave me a Vera Bradley bag when Kalei was born, but I haven't used it much because I didn't want to get it dirty. Am I weird or what??? And, your cupcake party was just adorable. I wish I could have come to see the fruits of your labor. :)

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