Friday, January 01, 2010

Cupcake Birthday Party

Tuesday night we had a little birthday soiree for The Girl and it was lots of fun. It started off a little rough for me - but it was my own doing. I had it in my mind that I was going to make THIS and THIS for her to wear at her first birthday party - which was a cupcake theme. I had great intentions, but with all my holiday projects, they just kept being pushed back. I stayed up until 1am on Monday trying to finish the pettiskirt and then got up 5 hours later at 6am to keep working on it. At 1:30 I threw in the chiffon and decided it wasn't worth it to keep killing myself and still not finish. The cupcakes needed to be made, I needed a shower, and I wanted to make her birthday hat and high chair banner. So, the cupcake shirt got the ixsnay too :( I was so sad, but I was getting frustrated with the kids for wanting a mom was that mentally unvailable because she was obsessed with a silly pettiskirt and I decided that wasn't what was important about the day. So, she still wore black and pink, but it was just a different outfit and she looked darling. So here is what we ended up with.

The invites looked like this.
The cucpakes looked like this.
(My cousin made the fondant pieces and I frosted and put them together
because she was out of town)

Here's the Mama cupcake.
Her high chair banner said I AM ONE, but this high
chair isn't as wide in the front as ours at home,
so you couldn't see it all at the same time :)

The cucpakes made it to Wtown in one piece!
Cupcake family!
We opened presents first.
She got a custom quiet book from Grandma and Grandpa.

An awesome ride on toy from Uncle P, Aunt V and The Boys.
Foofa! from The Boy
The infamous Animal Zoo Train from Mom and Dad.
Darling cupcake jammies from Auntie M, Uncle K, and K.
I at least got the birthday hat made!
We stripped her down for her Mama cake.
After testing the cherry . . .
She went for it!
And got REALLY excited about it.

Then starting shoving it in.

The brave ones posed for pictures.
Aunt H was first.

Cousin S (visiting from Utah) was next.

Cousin K knew to keep his distance.

Uncle K wasn't so lucky.

But he did get a kiss out of it.

Auntie M finally got hers - and french at that ;)

Don't forget Grandma!

She really wanted to share with everyone that walked by.

I decided to take her up on her offer.

Then we got in a fight because I wanted a kiss and she
wanted to slime me instead.
We settled it peaceably.
I had to bribe The Boy to come within 10 ft of her
and this was the best picture I got.

It was a great night I was so glad that so much of Will's family could be there. It was even Aunt V and Uncle P's anniversary and they were there to help us celebrate. We missed having Grandma Nelson with us - she flew home the night before - but we were glad the E Clan was there.
New Year's resolution #1 - start her birthday outfit earlier ;)


BubbaandM said...

It was a great party. She is too cute! Need help next year? Pls Holla.

Laura said...

Kyla, you have so much going on in Dec and you still make all of them look so great!!!! The cupcakes are so cute!!! And so is the Birthday girl!!

Deb said...

The cupcake theme was so cute! Love the huge cupcake!

Mandy said...

DARLING pictures! She's just such a doll.

dancin' momma said...

I love it!! You are so creative. And I would have braved getting close for a kiss. She is adorable!

Cory said...

They turned out so cute. Everything looked so fun. I'm so sorry we were out of town and missed it. She's such a doll. Maybe you will need to be my soux chef when I get a huge cupcake order because they turned out great! Good job!

Kenna said...

I love the series of pictures! They made me laugh! You are such a cute mom! What a fun party!!

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