Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Polly Want a Cracker?

Well, our "adult only" trip to Disneyland on Friday night was a BUST! There were 3 trillion people there. You could barely move. The entire time I felt like I was a head of cattle in a herd. We really wanted to go on Space Mountain, but the wait time was 1 hour and 40 minutes and since it was already 8:30 and we wanted to see the fireworks at 9:25 - that was out. However, we started scheming how we'd be able to ride it this week before Halloween was over and they changed the ghosty stuff inside. So we decided to wait for the fireworks and get a good spot. We hung out over by first aid and the baby station and bided our time and then snuck into a good spot at the last minute.

After the fireworks we waited for a minute before trying to get to the other side of the park to ride Haunted Mansion and while we were standing there a little girl started throwing up right in front of us. Yum! So we backed up a little. On the way to Haunted Mansion we stopped to check out the wait for Thunder Mountain. It was long, so we grabbed a FastPass and headed over to Haunted Mansion. The line there was heinous too! We gave up on that and went over to Pirates and got on in 15 minutes. By then it was time for our Thunder Mountain pass and we rode that. It was a good ride. I like riding that one in the dark - so much cooler.

Then we headed home and that was a total joke! There were three trams loading - two near the shops at Downtown Disney and one on the opposite side. We went to the opposite side and we seriously waited like 20 minutes for a tram to come. There was one loading when we walked up and after that another one didn't come to our side for 20 minutes. It was awful and we were frustrated.

Satruday morning Will went to clean the building and I slept - having already done my long run the day before :) When he got home I got The Girl ready and we headed to Wtown for their Super Saturday. I was making cute blocks that my friend Jenny taught - except mine will say JOY and HO HO HO. However, I think The Girl was nervous about being near people she didn't know and in an unfamiliar place, because this is all she let me get done:
While I was gone my friend dropped off her two boys to Will because we were watching that day and she was taking our kids that night. By the time I got home the youngest was ready for a nap and The Boy and her oldest were bouncing off the walls ready to get out of the house. Our neighborhood association was having a Pirate Party, so I took them over. It was HOT outside and I only planned to stay about 30 minutes, but the boys were having so much fun, we stayed about an hour.

As soon as we walked up we spotted this pirate with his two parrots and both the boys wanted to check him out. So I'm just standing there taking their pictures with my phone (because I was lame and forgot my real camera) and all of the sudden the "pirate" says, "Look, your mommy is so brave." And he sticks the giant bird on my shoulder. I remain calm, but inside I'm freaking out! What if this thing bites off my nose or my ear - or worse yet - poops down my back. It seemed like an eternity, but he finally takes the thing off and I flee quickly.

We did the bounce house, balloon lady, caramel apples, carnival games (which I won two prizes - one for each boy - thank you very much ), drank some pirate punch and then we headed home.

After my friend picked up her boys we got the kids and ourselves ready and headed over to her house so she could watch our kids and we could go to dinner. We went to El Torito because I had a GC from back in the teaching day that I had never used. The food was so tasty! I had Enchiladas de Mariscos and they had yummy shrimp and scallops in them. During dinner my long lost friend (hee, hee) from college called me and so we wrapped up dinner, stopped at the grocery store and picked up the kids and got home so we could see her. It was so fun to chat and hang out.

Sunday we were slow in getting to church, so we ended up in the foyer for Sacrament Meeting. After Sacrament Will took The Boy to Primary and then I took Will and The Girl home because Will wasn't feeling well and I came back to teach my lesson during the third hour.

That evening my inlaws came over for dinner and we made Monte Cristo sandwiches. They are so freaking tasty!!!! I only ate half of one because I am trying to be good, but it was so tempting to scarf the entire thing down.Monday after Baby T went home I threw the kids in the car and we ran over to Disneyland to try and see my friend from college and meet up with Aunt H. We got to the park at the exact same time as Aunt H, so we walked in together. I didn't bring the stroller, but instead wore The Girl in my carrier and it was so nice not to have to fight for a stroller spot on the tram. The place was so not busy and we had a great time. We missed my friend - she got sick and had to go back to the hotel - so I was sad about that. First, we went to FastPass Space Mountain, but they were already "sold out" of passes for the day. So, The Boy and I got in line and The Girl waited with Aunt H to do the waiting rider pass. The wait was 50 minutes and I think The Boy did awesome waiting in line that long. He was totally freaked out by the ride, but since it's dark in there, I really couldn't see how freaked out he was, but he was holding onto my hand for dear life. When we got done he told me it was awesome and he was so brave. However, when I asked if he wanted to go again with Aunt H, he said no way. LOL

After Space Mountain we Pirates, Pooh Ride and Haunted Mansion. The wait for Splash Mountain only like 5 minutes, but The Boy refused to go on it, so Aunt H went by herself while we did the Pooh Ride. We watched the awesome fireworks and then pretended we were cattle and followed the crowds out. Aunt H needed to stop at the House of Blues to buy a ticket, so we followed her over there, but the system was down, so she couldn't buy her ticket. We walked back to the parking structure instead of riding the tram and headed home.

Tuesday morning we were all so wasted from such a late night that we all slept in. The Boy went to preschool and I did some serious sewing. The Girl had a hard time falling asleep. I think I see two teethies popping in, so I'm thinking that's what is going. I spent most of the day sewing and cleaning. I made mini brownie cupcakes for a baby shower that night and as soon as Will walked in the door and I got everyone fed I loaded up The Girl and we went to the shower. My friend that is pregnant is THE CUTEST pregnant girl I've ever seen. She's like 6 ft and looks like she just has a basket ball stuck under her shirt. Totally darling, unlike yours truly.

Today we've got Music Makers planned and I'm hoping to get some more sewing done. Wish me luck!


Mandy said...

I wish I had that cute basketball look. Nope, I'm doomed to look fat until I'm 8 months along. No idea why, since I'm 5'11"!!!

Yum, I love Monte Cristos!

Crystal said...

Pass me some of that "pirate punch!" lol.

Jaime said...

Oh my gosh, I'm loving the Halloween fireworks, but missing the light fall crowds we used to have.

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