Sunday, October 11, 2009

Catching Up

Well, I almost made my goal of blogging 3 times this week - I got 2 in :) Thursday The Boy went to preschool and I made lots of bows, but didn't get any sewing done. I also didn't get the dishes or the laundry done. My "projects" are eating up all my time. Plus, I've taken up reading again. This week I read Catching Fire (the sequel The Hunger Games) and I've started The Actor and the Housewife. I'm hosting book club in November and I chose The Hunger Games, so I want to re-read it this month so I can get a fresh take on it before we discuss it.

That night I took the kids to Disneyland so we could see the Halloween fireworks show. We got there around 6pm and waited 30 minutes in line for Haunted Mansion. The Girl was so good waiting in line and made friends and wooed the crowd by waving and being darling. After Haunted Mansion I decided we didn't have time to do anything else, so we went to the baby station and I fed The Girl some sweet potatoes and we got a nice spot to watch the show. It was fun and The Boy liked seeing all the bad guys.

On Friday we went to park day and just generally hung out the rest of the afternoon at home. After Baby T went home I packed up the kids and headed over to Chapman to pick up my race packet for my 5K the next morning. We met Will at home and then went over to where Aunt H was housesitting and went swimming. Well, I stayed in the hot tub because the pool was FREEZING! The Boy and Will had fun jumping in to get chilled to the bone.
I went to bed later than I wanted to that night (about 11pm) and I paid the price for it at 2:30am when The Boy woke us up by running in and flipping on the light. He said his head was too hot and it was. I asked him if he wanted some medicine to make him feel better and he said yes. I kinda fell back to sleep and so he patted my face and said, "Mom, go get the medicine." I got up and stopped in the bathroom for a minute to do my business. In the meantime The Boy threw up on my side of the bed and then ran to the kitchen and threw up 2 more times all over the floor. Yum! So, Will got him in the bath and I cleaned up the kitchen and the bed. I went into the bathroom and tried to give him some Tylenol, but as soon as I did he started throwing up again. Bleh. So we drained the bath and bathed him again.

We had him come out on the couch and we put a sheet over it and gave him a bowl. Will gave him a cup of water because he was really thirsty. But about 10 minutes later (if that) the water came right back up, but this time it was into the bowl. Will said he'd stay up with him and so I crawled in to bed about 3:30, but I never really slept well. When I got up at 5:45 The Boy was still awake and watching TV and Will was passed out on the floor. Will woke up and said he was getting into bed. I turned the TV off and told The Boy to get in his bed (he hadn't thrown up again) and he started crying saying he wanted me to lay by him. I told him I had to leave for my race, so he could go and get in bed with Will. He ran in and was out in less than 30 seconds.

The family couldn't come and cheer me on because Will was in charge of building cleaning. So I went to the race by myself and he had to drag The Boy out of bed to get there. My race went really well and I shaved almost a minute off of my last 5K time, so I'm happy.

When I got home from the race we were all so tired. I put The Girl down for a nap and hopped in the shower while Will snoozed on the couch and The Boy watched a movie. I got ready and had to leave to help the YW serve lunch at the Scout Merit Badge day. The Boy looked exhausted and even though it was only 10:00, I told him he needed to lay down for a nap. I just had to have faith he'd sleep because I had to go and Will was zonked. I came back about 11:30 and The Girl had just woken up and The Boy was out. He slept until 12:30 when we had to wake him up so we could go to Will's work picnic.The picnic was a lot of fun and it was nice to meet the other people that are the same level as Will. The Boy had a blast because Baby T was there (Will and her dad work together) and he really like one of Will's coworker that gave him a lot of great attention. The kids fed potato chips and croutons to the ducks.

The Boy got the shock of his life when B pretended to throw him in the pond. I just happened to be snapping a picture at the same time and caught it perfectly. I just wish I could've seen what The Boy's face looked like. He thought it was awesome and begged for B to do it again.

The Girl just chilled and munched on a hot dog bun.


Mandy said...

Ack! why do kids always throw up at night?? And on the night before your race, too. Sad! :(

HOORAY for a minute less! Awesome!!!!!!

Deb said...

Josie had a fever through the weekend but only threw up once. Wow...time off your time after not enough sleep!

Crystal said...

WOW! I can't believe you still raced, you are a stronger woman than me! You are super mom.

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