Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Some Things We've Been Up To

My cousin has started a cupcake business and a couple of Saturdays ago (September 12th) she had a frosting tasting party to try out some new flavors and get feedback. All I have to say is YUM-O! I was in love with pretty much all of the flavors - but the peanut butter and banana were my faves.

I've also been stocking my Etsy Shop with lots of fun bows, so this little lady has had to be my model.

Sometimes she loves it . . .

. . . and sometimes she doesn't.
However, she always looks cute!
I started making these as baby shower gifts lately after seeing my friends at park day about a month ago. I think they are so cool! Hers had a fringe edging along the bottom and I think I might attempt that if I get brave one day. I might start selling these on Etsy too, we'll see.The Boy has been loving preschool and having a fantastic time. I have some fun pictures of him, but I don't have the patience to edit them right now, so you'll have to wait until tomorrow! :)


Melanie said...

Cute carseat cover! If I thought my little guy would last longer in his seat, I might attempt to make one (or ask you...:-) ). But he is just getting so big!

Mike and Larissa said...

when i have a baby i want all these SUPER cute things you do!!!

Mandy said...

Yup, if/when #3 comes, I need a car seat cover like that!!

dancin' momma said...

You have all the hook ups! :) I LOVE all of the stuff in your shop and want one of everything!! Ok, maybe two of everything). You're so talented!

Cory said...

love that car seat cover thing. that's genius! the blankets always fall off and they're often too hot for my kids. So you can make it very light weight so they're not burning up in there. So cool. If i ever have another child, you will have to make one for me. Very cute.

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