Friday, September 04, 2009

So big!

These are the pictures I took of The Girl earlier this week for her 8 month pictures. Where have those 8 months gone????

A few days oldIt has gotten more complicated to take the pictures because she just won't leave Lumpy alone so that I can get a good comparison shot. She's much more interested in shoving him in her mouth.
Of course the ones where she's smiling are kind of blurry because she is in constant motion and won't sit still. However, I still think they are cute.
Too sweet.
The Boy wanted in on the shoot - again:)
She can now sit unassisted, sign milk and more, love crackers (graham and ritz), adores her brother, finally started saying ma-ma (instead of just da-da) when she vocalizes, rolls around like a champ, has made a few attempts a scooting and ends up going backwards, and is an all around cutie patootie.

It will be fun to see what the next 8 months brings.


Laura said...

I love her cute smile!!! Good luck on the race this weekend!

Crystal said...

Excuse me!?! Eight months!?! Oh geez, I really need to see her!!!

Jaime said...

Great pictures, I see you're getting the hang of your camera. Inside is always trickier with the lighting, and these are beautiful! Cute bow too Mama!

Mckenna said...

she is cute,but she needs to stop growing.

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