Thursday, September 03, 2009

Au Voir Summer!

Well, I'm still really in denial that my awesome summer of fun has come to an end. Will said I had a "summer of George" and it's true - well, without the falling down the stairs and having my muscles be in an extreme state of atrophy. It was an awesome summer and I had so much fun with my two little munchkins.

On Sunday night when I realized I hadn't taken a picture for my Project 365 and everyone was already in bed, I decided to sneak into The Boy's room and commemorate the end of a wonderful summer. We had beach trips, splash pad trips, trips to Disneyland, a week at the lake, trip to Utah to see family, Aunt K stayed with us, an awesome 4th of July, swimming at the pool, swimming at the Lagoon, Hero Camp, and just all around awesomeness. Will always says - you have a good life. It's true. I do. I feel very blessed.

Here is one last glimpse at summer.
On Monday Baby T came back and we had plans to go to the splash pad, but it was FREAKIN' hot and I just didn't have it in me to schlep three kids out in the heat. I got a call from a friend in the ward/neighborhood that said she was heading to the pool, so we decided to do that instead. It worked out well and all three kids had a great time.

On Tuesday I got really brave and hauled the 3 kids and all THEIR crap to the beach. I'm sure I was quite the sight, but I needed one last beach day with friends. I'm sure we'll go again, but when people have kids in school, it just gets more complicated to get them there. The water was wonderful and the kids played so nicely - well, The Boy and Baby T did, The Girl wanted to be held and had no interest in hanging out in the tent this time.

She did enjoy playing in the sand - which I totally don't mind. However, she rubs her eyes and then freaks out and who could blame her? So that only lasted for a little bit.

Crack, anyone?
She's mad!
Look at that back arch!
I left The Boy's swimsuit at my inlaws' house, so he had to wear one that was too big.
Where's crack? LOL

We came home and everyone crashed and took great naps. Well, except for The Girl. She dozed a little the last 20 minutes we were there and so she came home and didn't want to sleep anymore. But a girl needs more than a 20 minute nap. Can I get an AMEN!

That night Will was in Utah doing recruiting at BYU, so we went to Chick Fil A for Kids Eat Free. Woot! We had just sat down to eat when who walks in, but two of my cool friends that had been at the beach that day. So, we all ate and the kids played and I had hilarious conversation. They did face painting, but they would paint your arm if you didn't want your face painted.

This is what The Boy chose.
Look who has decided it's cool to sit up! I'm so excited. She thinks it is so fun and I'm glad she hit this milestone. She could do it, but she didn't have any patience for it. Now she thinks it's awesome.

I've been playing around with watermarks. I think they are fun, but they are a pain to do if you want to mark every picture before you post it when your computer moves a slow as a dinosaur.


Jaime said...

Aw sitting up, love it! You are so blessed to have so many friends to do fun stuff with!

The Ordeel said...

What do you mean, "last day of summer?" I thought it was summer there all the time!! She is doing SO great at sitting up! Your kids are adorable! And what a super fun summer you had!

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